My New Life -Liam Payne-

Taylor grows up in a mess up life because of her sister Dahlia and her dad Liam.


4. Page 3

                                                   *Taylor P.O.V*     

                       *Taylor's Dream* 

I check what time it was and it was like 4:00 pm, I got Harry's sweater and opened the front door and walked two blocks and made a turn. I knocked on Harry's and Louis's house door. (Louis family shares a house with Harry by the way) No one answered the first knock so I knocked again but a bit louder. Lucas opened the door "Hey." He said with a wink? I couldn't help to blush "Your cheeks are red. So you do have a crush on me!" He smiled. My body was numb. Oh no! Oh no! Who told him?! I thought to myself "Just give this to Harry." I throwed the sweater. I walked away but Lucas grabbed my wast and pulled towards him. He stared at me with the most beautiful eyes. He lead in and kissed me with a nice gentle kiss. Our lips danced into the rhythm of our love. I pushed back and Shook my head "No." I started to slowly walk backwards "What?" Lucas said holding my hand "I can't do this! You have a girlfriend!" I said "I don't care! I have you!" He said leading again "No." I let go of his hand and looked at his eyes. His eyes were full of sadness and pain. I did the  hardest thing and looked away and walked away.

                                                       *Taylor's dream ended*

  I wake up and start to panting hard. I mean it wasn't a bad dream but there was something that scared me inside. I got up and walked to my dad's bed room. "Daddy?" I slowly shook him "Dad?" I called out softly again. I gave one last shook. He finally opened his eyes "What's wrong?" He wiggled to the side where I was facing him. "I-I had a dream." He gave me a look "Well honey, we all have dreams." "No, it was a dream-" "About Lucas I'm guessing." My dad cut me off. I nodded "What was it about?" He asked me. I told him about it but I just left out the part about the kissing. He nodded and just hugged me. "Aw, my baby girl is in love!" He teased, I smiled "You know when I met your mum she was a very beautiful woman but changed when she had you." He said staring at nothing. The first thing I though was So your saying it's my fault? "I had a dream about your mum to." He said turning to me "My mum told me "If you dream about the person you love, you're in love." but I was dreaming of the wrong person. Your mum changed and I think it was my fault, I shouldn't have left." My dad look away and clean a tear away from his cheek. "I just hope you didn't fall in love with the wrong person like I did." He looked at me seriously as I got closer to my dad "It isn't your fault." I rudded his back "It was her fault. She left the most loving person on earth." I smiled and hugged him "Thank you baby girl." He smiled and hugged me tighter. I placed my head on his shoulder. "Don't make the same mistake as your mother. Okay?" I nodded "Good..." He stoke my hair "I love you baby girl." He said softly "I love you to dad." I said and fell asleep on my dad's bed.

                                                                  ~Next Day~ 

  I got up and then noticing I was at my dad's bed. I went to my room and got some clothes and took a shower. I went to get my room to get my phone to text Harry about his sweater. I grab his sweater and left the door but before I could leave "Taylor!" My dad called out. "Uh?" I responded "Where ya' going?" He questioned "I'm going to return Harry's sweater." I hold up Harry's sweater sweater up in the air so I can show my dad I wasn't lying. He nodded and went back to his room. He seem like he was in a hurry or something. He also looks nervous?i shrugged it off and I closed the front door behind me and begin to walk. I finally got to Harry's front door and knocked loudly. As I soon as I was going to knock again Harry's head peaked out. "Yes?" He looked confused "I have your sweater." I hold up the sweater up to his face "Oh right! thanks!" Harry quickly's grabs his sweater and closes door. "Uh? Okay?" I said to myself and walked back to my house. I opened the front door to see my dad in a suit. "That was fast." I said "What?" He asked "Why do you have a suit?" I put my hand on my hip. "I'm," My dad fix his tux "Going to ask Stella to marry me!" He smiled at himself in the mirror that we have in our living room for some reason. "You have the ring?" I asked sitting down on the couch watching my dad dust out his suit "Yes." He said getting it out from his pocket "Do you really need a suit?"  "Yes! I'm taking her out to dinner." He turns around to face me "Okay! But I think it's to early to be going out to dinner." I got up and patted my dad in the shoulders "Have fun father!" I gave a little giggle and I made me way up stairs. I walked up to my room. Kasey was on her desk using her computer  "Hey Taylor! Watch this video!" She sat up and pointing at the  computer screen. "What is it?" I walked over to her and saw she was watching cute little cats playing "Aw their so cute!" I said in a baby voice. We spend half of our day watching kittens play or eat or run around. It was 9:46 pm and I was tried "I want a cat." Kasey said in a sad voice "One day I will get you a cat." I patted her back and yawn "Really?! Can you get a cat that has orange fur so it can match my hair! Then name her Kasey!" Kasey said moving her hands to different ways, like she was naming a Hollywood sign "Sure." I giggled. I went to my closet and took out some Pj's and went to the bathroom to change and went to sleep.

                                                          ~Next Day~

So my dad asked Stella to marry him! She said yes! Stella is now soon to be my mum! Dahlia is going to be my step sister. I'm not happy about that, really. I mean I already have a sister,Kasey, but really. I don't know her as much. Stella is coming to live with us and so is Dahlia. In our house there is only five rooms. One for My dad and Stella, One for Kasey and me, and one for Dahlia. So we have two extra rooms. We have a bathroom in every rooms, but not not our guess room. We have a bathroom in the hall. I never really know what happened to my mum. I never talked to her ever again after I moved in with my dad. My dad said that she moved on. (Sigh) By that he means doing drugs. Enough with "Lets talk about our family" now.

I walk down stairs to see Stella, Dahlia, and some boy. "Taylor!" Stella hugged me "Stella?" I hugged back. Dahlia  was next to me   "Do you have a brother?" I looked at Dahlia who is narrowing her eye brows. "He has a name you know!" She sassed at me "Um, what?" I asked confusedly "He has a name." Dahila said as she crossed her arms "If you heard my question, I was asking if he was your brother.." I said making her feel dumb. I giggled while watching Dahlia walk to the couch. I turn to the boy who was watching Dahlia and I little argument. "Hello, dear brother."  I greet "Hello, dear sister!" He greeted back happily. I smiled. Something is telling me that me and him are going to get along "I like you already!" I rested my arm on him shoulders "Name?" I asked him "Dan." He looked up at me "I'm twelve!" He smiled "Oh?" My head set back due to my reaction. "I'm Taylor and I'm Sixteen." I said nicely. We both smiled. "Can you drive a car?" He asked "Yea?" "Good! 'cause I'm hungry!" He rubbed his stomach "We'll get something to eat to get to know each other. What do you say?" He nodded "Okay!" He agreed.  "Family reunion?" Kasey walked down stairs "Who is that?" Dahlia looking disgusted "She had a name you know!" I imitating her voice. Dahlia rolled her eyes. "What's to eat?" Kasey walked to the kitchen and open the fridge "Can we go eat, now?" Dan asked with hopeful eyes "Yea sure." I grab my car keys "Kasey were going to Nandos if you want to come." I asked Kasey "Yes! I'm so hungry!" Kasey grab her shoes and jacket.  Later while Kasey was getting her jacket from our room she stared at me "Why do you always wear better clothes then me?" Kasey looked upset "Maybe 'cause I buy better clothes then you." I chuckled. We were all about to walk though the door when Dahlia "Can I come?!" She said happily "Uh.." I began "We have no space in the car!" I lied "Taylor!" My dad yelled "What?!" I lifted my arm up "It's true!" I lied again. He gave me the 'Your-not-telling-me-the truth-but-I-some-what-believe-you' face. I walk though the door and unlock my car. Everyone was on the car. I started the engine when Niall knock on my window.  "Yes?" I rolled my car window "Can you give me a ride to Nandos?" He said while holding a beautiful woman "Yea! We were just going there!" "Good!" Niall open the car door and sat next to Dan. Now we really don't have space. Before I could drive away Dahlia glared at me "I wasn't lying." I smirked and drove away. During the car ride it was awfully quite. In till Kasey put on the raido, so it wasn't that quite."So your dad is getting married, Right?" Niall asked "Yea!" "And Stella has one kid right?" "No, She has two. Dan and Dahlia." "Oh." "Dan is right next to you." I giggled "Oh! Hello!" Niall greeted Dan "Hi." He said Shyly. Dan and Niall seem to get along just fine on the car while driving to Nandos.

We finally got there. Everyone unbuckled there sit belt. I locked every door in the car and began to walk away when I felt my pocket and I didn't have my keys and I walked back to my car. I saw Kasey still in the car. "Kasey!" I tapped on the window. She was on her phone playing Cut the Rope. "Kasey!" I yelled once more. Kasey completely ignored me. I got really frustrated and banged the window "I forgot the keys in the car!" I said and banged the window once more "Fine." I stop tapping and banging the car window and walked away Why did she stay in the car? I thought to myself. We all inside of Nandos. The line was kinda full so I waited. When it was my turn I ordered what Kasey and I always get. Then ordered Dan's food. "I'll forgot something from the car can you give me your keys?" Niall asked "Yea." I checked my pocket but I forgot that I don't have it "I forgot the keys the car." I said "But Kasey is still in the car." I said and he nodded and left. After a few seconds I can hear Niall calling me "Dan. can you go see why is Niall calling me while I wait for your order." He ran off to Niall, who was outside. I waited and waited for them to come back but they never did. That's it. I thought. I grab our food and went outside. I pushed the door to outside and I couldn't believe it. My heart fell. Tear fell down my cheeks. I cried and yell "No!" I cried. I ran but before I could Niall grab my arm and hugged me while I sodded in tears. 

                                       This can't be happening

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