My New Life -Liam Payne-

Taylor grows up in a mess up life because of her sister Dahlia and her dad Liam.


3. Page 2

Taylor P.O.V* 

I laid in my bed thinking "Who you thinking about? Lucas?"Kasey laughed "No!" I said depressed "Oh come on Taylor! You been sad all day yesterday ever since he got a new girlfriend!" Kasey said "His girlfriend is much more prettier then I am!" I huffed "Oh come one Taylor! You're not ugly!" Kasey said trying to cheer me up. "Look at yourself! I wish I had nice eyes like yours!" I smiled but then frown "Lucas girlfriend is blond and has a nice body! and I'm just a girl." I argued "Stop saying that, Taylor!" Kasey yelled. She was mad."Stop doing this. Stop saying that you're are ugly! Taylor you not ugly you're beautiful! you're not just a girl you're Liam Payne daughter!" Kasey yelled at me "Okay I get!" I said trying to clam Kasey down "Good! Now lets go shopping!" Kasey said. She grab her keys and and her shoes. I grab my shoes and went outside.  We got in the car and Kasey turn on the car engine. It was quite so I turn on the radio. The first song that came up was Treasure by Bruno Mars. "Treasure! That is what you're are! Honey you're my golden star.I know you can make my wish come true! If you let me treasure you!" Me and Kasey sang together "See this song was meant for people like you!" Kasey laughed "Shut up!" I said playfully hit her in the arm. 

 We made it to the mall in 15 minutes. The first store we went to was Forever 21 XXI "This look nice!" I said picking up a shirt. Kasey didn't respond. I turn to see what she was looking at. I dropped the shirt. I saw Lucas and his girlfriend together in the same store as me. They were holding hands and Lucas kisses her in the cheek. Tear escaped and I ran out of the store. I found a bench and sat down cried softly so no one could hear. Someone sat next to me and wrapped there arm around me. I look up to see my hero, my dad, looking at me. "Are you okay?" He asked "No." I said harshly "No need to be sad for a boy ,baby girl." My dad said softly "How do you know?" I asked confusedly "Dad knows best for my little girl." He said with a smile and kissed me on the forehead "Thanks." I began if I had a chance to cry again but this time in my dad's arms I would. "Let's go home." Dad said as he took me while his arms was on my shoulder and we walked home "Dad," I said and looked up to him "Yea?" He responded "How did you find me?" I said because I was wondering that or a whole now. My dad just chuckled.

                                                          ~Next Day~

I woke up in my bed, still in my clothes from yesterday. I got up to the smell of food. I took a shower and gotchange in to simple clothes. I went down stairs my dad cooking breakfast. He cooked eggs with a side of bacon and pancakes. I sit on stool "Good morning dad!" I said making him jump.  "Good morning baby girl." He smiled. He placed a plate in front of me and serve me two bacon, eggs, and two pancakes. He kissed my cheek and got his keys and left. I ate in peace and in goodness! Did I ever told you my dad got a new girlfriend? Yea they been going out forever and my dad thinking of propose to her! He said I was going to be the bride maid! I need to buy some high heels! I finish eating and washed my plate. I could hear my phone ringing so I ran upstairs and walking in me and Kasey's room. Kasey groaned "Turn off your phone!" She wined. I picked up my IPhone and saw the caller ID and it was Lucas. I panic "Kasey it's Lucas!" I cried "Answer the fucking phone then!" She was cranky since it was six in the morning. I hesitate to answer the call. "Hello?" I answered "Taylor?" Lucas asked "Yea?" I said shyly "You okay? I saw you crying yesterday." He worried. I stopped "Y-Yea..'' My face turn red "I-I need to go!" I quickly said "Tay-" Lucas was about to say something but I hanged up. I started to breath heavily. "Kasey I'll be right back." I said

 I grab my house keys and opened the front door. I started to walked fast and headed for the Stella's house. (Stella is my dad's girlfriend) I couldn't wait so I started to run. I ran a mile and finally got to Stella's house. I opened the door with out even knocking. I ran to hug Stella who was reading a book in the couch. The book flew over "God damn it Taylor! You made me lose my page." Stella admitted "Sorry." I said "It's okay. Why are you here?" Stella looked confused "Is it about Lucas again?" She gave me a look. I nodded. She sighed "When I was your age it wasn't easy getting over someone I never dated." She gave me a sympathy look. "You need to get over him because being friends is closer your gonna get." I nodded "You're right." I had my head down "I'll be going home.." I had my hand in my pocket and walked walked "Hey!" Someone said. I turn around and saw Dahlia "Hey Dahlia!" I waved. Dahlia was Stella daughter. She was soon to be my sister. "You're leaving?" She asked "Yeah." She look sad "Okay.." She said sadly. I closed the front door. Dahlia was 14 year old. She nice but can be really annoying sometimes. 

 As I walk home it was cold (Of course it was cold! I live in the UK!) and I didn't really have much of a sweater on. I stuff my hands in my pocket tightly and bit my lip.My eyes staring at the side walk and walking in the same time. I felt a nice warm sweater touch my neck. I crook my head to the side and Harry giving me a sweater over me with his cheeky smile "Is the side walk interesting?" He chuckled "I guess.." I said "No wonder because you guess pasted your house." He smiled "Oh my god!" I turn around and saw my house that is five house ahead. "Thank you!" I said giving back his sweater. He shook his head "Give it to me tomorrow." He said walking away. I couldn't help to snuggle in his sweater with his warmth of his body.

I finally got to my house and put Harry's sweater on a coat hanger. I walked to my room and see Kasey on her phone. "Hey where were you?" She worried "At Stella's house." I sighed and took off my boots and jumped on my bed. "What for?" Kasey narrowed her eyes browns "We were talking about Lucas." I said and led in my bed "Hungry?" I asked "Yeah!" Kasey jumped "Can we get pizza?" She said excitedly "Sure." I got up again and got the house phone and dial the number. 

After waiting for 12 minutes we finally got our pizza! We eat and laughed. Kasey was more then a best friend She was a sister to me! She was that person you can tell everything to and do anything with her! 

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