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Mackenzie Smith is a new student to the University of Dublin in Ireland. Mackenzie thought moving to Ireland from America would be a great thing for her, but when she gets there she meets the most obnoxious boys in the world. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and the one and only Niall Horan. Mackenzie runs into Hope Jones and Liam Payne. Her soon-to-be besties."


6. WHAT?!?!

Mackenzie's POV:


I walked through the cafeteria and was about to open the doors when I got really nervous. What if he hurts me? What is he starts to bully me? What will he do to Hope? Liam? All these questions went through my head but I brushed them out and swung the door open. There he was, Niall Horan, leaning against the brick wall with a huge smirk on his face.

Niall's POV:


I wasn't sure if Mackenzie would come to meet me. I have a lot of feelings for her and a lot to tell her about me and Liam. I just kept thinking about what Mackenzie was going to say if she decided to come. When my thoughts were interrupted by a beautiful girl walking out the door. Mackenzie. I leaned against the brick wall smirking at her. "Hi Mackenzie. Nice of you to join me." I said when she noticed me and walked towards me. "Hello Niall." she said quietly. " First I wanted to tell you about me and Liam." Her face shot up from the ground when I said that. "Liam already told me. Why would you do that?" She questioned. "Why would I do that? Liam ditched me for Zayn and I was lonely so I made new friends and decided to pick on him. I only did any of it because I missed him and..." I was cut off by Mackenzie. "Niall...The way to get Liam to be your friend again is not by bullying him but by being nice. I also noticed that bully other kids. I want you to promise me something." "What?" I said wondering what she was talking about. " Can you promise me to at least try and make up with Liam. He's such a nice and I think you can be nice too." " I will try my hardest." I looked her in the eye and started to lean in and she did the same and then finally our lips touched. We stood there for a minute and then Mackenzie pulled away and ran back inside. "Mackenzie wait!" I yelled as I ran into the building but she was already gone.

Kenzie's POV:


I can't believe Niall and I kissed. I'm so stupid. I sighed as I leaned down against a locker. Niall is adorable but he's not a nice person. If he can show me he can be a nice person then I will give him a chance but he has too prove himself. I can't lose Liam just for him. Suddenly I heard footsteps and someone calling my name. It was Niall. He turned the corner and looked at me. " I'm so sorry Kenzie. I didn't mean too." Niall looked sad and angry with himself. " It's okay Niall. I just I can't... ugh I can't risk losing Liam as I friend to you. I'm sorry. Maybe I'll give you a chance when you give Liam a chance. I'm sorry."  His blue eyes lit up when I said I might give him a chance. Hopefully he can prove himself because I really do like him. "BRINNNGGG!" The bell rang throwing me off guard. Niall put his hand down and I grabbed it. "What class do you have next?" he said. "ummm. Math in room 103." "Wow. Same. Can we walk together?" " Sure" I said smiling at him as we started to walk to class. I noticed Hope and Liam walking behind us. I waved and they waved back. Hope smiled really big noticing Niall's hand in mine and Liam just gave me a weird look. I decided that I would tell them about it later and returned my attention to Niall. " We're here." He said. " Wanna sit together?" "Really? You do know that Hope and Liam are in this class right?" "Yeah. But I have lots of classes to sit with them. So is it a yes or a no?" " yes" I smiled when he said it. We took our seats and class started. Niall whispered to me " So does this mean we're friends?" "No" I whispered back. " I'm still mad at you and I'm doing this to help you and Liam." I was interrupted by Mr.Crove saying that we had a partner assignment. " All your partners are listed right on that wall." I hated partner assignments but since Liam and Hope were in this class I hoped I would be partners with one of them. I looked at the list.

Mackenzie Smith.................................Harry Styles
Are you kidding me? Niall's obnoxious friend. I looked to Harry who saw me looking at him and he smirked. I walked over to the desk next to him and slumped into the chair. I looked around and I saw Hope with Paige, Liam with Nick, and Niall with his arm around some cheerleader. I looked disgusted. Liam and Hope looked to me and frowned. I frowned back. I was going to hate this project.

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