Please, just love me already?

Mackenzie Smith is a new student to the University of Dublin in Ireland. Mackenzie thought moving to Ireland from America would be a great thing for her, but when she gets there she meets the most obnoxious boys in the world. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and the one and only Niall Horan. Mackenzie runs into Hope Jones and Liam Payne. Her soon-to-be besties."


7. Louis&Harry

Kenzie's POV:


I walked up the steps to Harry's dorm room. We were going to work on our project. I knocked and no one answered. I knocked louder and finally someone answered. " What?" " I'm Kenzie. I'm here to work on a math project with Harry." "oh okay. HAZZAAAA!" "ugh what?" Harry walked to the door. " Oh um hey Kenz." "Harry we need to start our project." "Right. Of course. Come on in." " Can you at least introduce me to your roommate?" " oh yeah. This is..." "LOUIS!" Louis interrupted Harry. I giggled at how loud he was. " Okay Louis. Tell me about yourself." " I like girls who eat carrots." Louis grinned. "um okay." I said turning to Harry. " well shall we get started?" Harry said. "k."


Harry and I finished our project finally after getting interrupted by Louis a thousand times." Okay Bye Harry." I said turning to leave but I was spun back around by him. He took a step out the door and shut it, "your not what I thought you would be Kenz." Harry whispered." Neither were you." I said. I looked into his eyes but quickly looked away." I'm sorry I really have to go." I said leaving. "Bye Kenz." "Bye Harry!" I walked all the way back to my apartment to be greeted by two smiling faces." KENZIEEEEE!" Liam and Hope screamed as I walked through the door. " Hey guys." " WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU AND NIALL???" Hope yelled. " Nothing." "Nothing? NOTHING? You guys were holding handssss." " Okay. We were holding hands but it's part of my plan. You see, Niall said he was really upset when him and Liam stopped being friends and then I told him to promise me to be nice to Liam and the only way to know if he's not bullying anyone is to by with him." I smirked. Liam looked confused. Hope looked shocked. "movie night anyone?" I smiled. "TOY STORRYYY!" Liam yelled. "Toy Story it is." I said popping in the disc.

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