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Mackenzie Smith is a new student to the University of Dublin in Ireland. Mackenzie thought moving to Ireland from America would be a great thing for her, but when she gets there she meets the most obnoxious boys in the world. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and the one and only Niall Horan. Mackenzie runs into Hope Jones and Liam Payne. Her soon-to-be besties."


3. Bullies

Mackenzie's POV:


I walked over top the group of guys and said " You guys are so immature! You should leave this kid alone. Did he ever do anything to you?" I said looking directly at the Niall kid. No one said a word. " thought so. I thought most guys grew out of being complete jerks after high school but apparently not all."

Niall's POV:


The prettiest girl ever walked over and started blabbering on about how immature we all were. I was too shocked to have a snappy comeback at her because no one had ever confronted me about this before." thought so. I thought most guys grew out of being complete jerks after highs school but apparently not all." She suddenly said after the awkward silence, bringing me out of my daze. "This doesn't have anything to do with you. So why don't you and your little friend just keep on walking." I snapped back. She looked directly at me and walked towards me and said "Back off or you'll regret it". "Oh yeah sure." Man this girl has got some nerves. "You've got some nerves saying that to me." I said.

Mackenzie's POV:


" By the way. I have a name. It's Mackenzie" I turned around to see the kid who was being bullied standing there awkwardly. "Hey. I'm Kenzie. You ok?" I said to the boy. " Yeah. I'm fine. and by the way I'm Liam." Liam was adorable. He had short brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. " Hey. Do you wanna walk to the office with me and Hope? I was about to get my schedule." I asked. " Um, yeah. Then we can compare." "Yeah. Let's go!" I turned and smirked at Niall who looked truly defeated. I smiled happy to have won. "Girl, you got major nerves standing up to Niall and his group." Hope said. " Well I don't like seeing people being treated that way." "Thanks again Kenzie." Liam said. "Are you kidding? No problem." I smiled at him and he smiled back. His smile was perfect. " Guys were here." Hope said interrupting my thoughts. "Oh yay!" I said and walked into the office.

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