Please, just love me already?

Mackenzie Smith is a new student to the University of Dublin in Ireland. Mackenzie thought moving to Ireland from America would be a great thing for her, but when she gets there she meets the most obnoxious boys in the world. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and the one and only Niall Horan. Mackenzie runs into Hope Jones and Liam Payne. Her soon-to-be besties."


11. Are you serious?

Kenzie's POV:


I walk into school hand in hand with Liam. We get weird stares and some smiles too. As we walk down the hallway I see Hope, she turns and sees us and smiles but then frowns when she sees us holding hands. When we get over to her she says "WHAT IS THIS?" pointing to our hands. "Hope, Mackenzie and I are dating." "Are you serious?" "yes." " I can't believe this. Kenzie I need to talk to you in private." I nod and kiss Liam lightly on the lips and say " I'll be right back." Hope then drags me into an empty class room. "Explain?" she says. "well last night I went to see Liam because I really missed him and when I got there Niall was bullying him. I yelled at Niall and stuff and then went into Liam's room. He asked if I wanted to have a movie night and I said yes. He put the movie in and while we were waiting for it to start we were talking about how I had missed him and then we kissed. When we finished the kiss he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes." " I can't believe you!" " Why are you so mad?" " Well me, you, and Liam are best friends and I don't want to be around some annoying lovey dovey couple all the time and feel like the third wheel to the relationship. I also don't want you to spend all your time with him because  then you would forget to hang out with me because you and him are so obsessed with each other" " Hope, do you honestly think that I would forget about you and not hang out with you. Yes I'll be spending time with Liam but that doesn't mean that I would not spend time with my best friend. And remember me, you, and Liam are the three amigos." Hope smiles and says "Try not to be to lovey dovey." " I'll try." " Okay." We walk out the door to find Liam leaning against locker. " Here are my two favorite ladies." He says standing up. He puts one arm around me and the other arm Hope. "see Hope? We aren't all that bad as a couple are we. Are we to lovey dovey?" I say kissing Liam. " You guys are so cute together. I kind of saw you guys as a couple but I didn't want that cause I thought it would ruin our friendship but it's not." She smiles and I smile back. I feel eyes watching us. I turn and see Niall glaring at us. I wave and he gives me a death glare. I just turn away and kiss Liam on the lips. I look back at Niall who's jaw has dropping and he runs past us to the bathroom looking like he was go to cry. I giggled.

Niall's POV:


I saw Mackenzie, Liam and Hope walking down the hallway. Mackenzie looked at me and waved. I just glared back. She just turned away and did something totally shocking to me. She leaned and kissed Liam. ON THE LIPS. I started running to the bathroom and started to cry. I blew my chance with the bullying and she picked Liam because of that. I was so stupid. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Mackenzie and Liam kissing. I knew I had to talk to Mackenzie about this so I walked over and tapped er on the shoulder. "Can we talk please?" Mackenzie nods and then kisses Liam. We walk down the hall way and into an empty class room. "yes, Niall?" She says when we walk in." Why are you dating Liam?" " Um, because he is really sweet, cute, funny, and amazing." She says. " What about us?' " What about us? You blew your chance. You bullied Liam and guess what I was actually almost going to give you your chance but oh well." She says. I sigh. " Look. I'm sorry. When Liam and I were hanging out he was being no fun so I got really annoyed and freaked out. I'm so sorry. " I say and then I kiss her. She pulls away. " I SAID THAT I'M WITH LIAM! JUST UNDERSTAND THAT I LOVE HIM NOT YOU! OKAY?" She yells. I start to cry. She looks at me and says " Look I'm sorry. Can we still be friends? We can even hang out and stuff. I'm sorry." " I would love to be friends with you but I can't. When ever I'm with you I have the urge to kiss you and I can't do that to you or Liam." " I understand. Niall just know that I do love you. but only as a friend right now." "I love you too. as a friend." She hugs me and then when we release form our hug she kisses me. I smile but then she pulls away and runs out of the room into Liam's arms crying. He holds and asks her what's wrong and she looks at him and then at me and says " I kissed Niall! I'm so sorry Liam. I love you." Liam just looks at her and says " It's okay. We should should go back to just being friends and I can find someone else. Mackenzie I already knew this was going to happen. You guys have so many feelings for each other and it's so obvious. I want you to know that I love you and I will find someone else. You should do what your heart is telling you to do and not just do what you think is right. Deep down I know Niall is a great guy. I was best friends with him for a long time and I would know. I won't get mad or jealous if you decide to date him because I love you and all I want is for you to be happy and that will make me happy." She smiles at him and looks at me. I smile at her and she smiles back. " Can I walk with you guys to English?" I say trying to break the silence. " Sure." Mackenzie takes Liam's hand in one hand and mine in the other. We get to English and I notice Hope is staring at Liam and Mackenzie weirdly. We go to our seats and Liam and Hope start talking and I talk to Mackenzie. " So Mackenzie. I was wondering if maybe you would want to go on a date tonight?" She looks at me and smiles " well now that I have Liam's approval you can have your chance." I laugh. Her smile was perfect. Along with the rest of her. Her perfect light brown curly hair and green eyes. She was beautiful and can't help but think that by the end of the night she will be mine.

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