"I have to tell you one thing." "What is that?" "Don't fall in love with me." (1D not famous)


3. Chapter 3

I wake up to my mom shaking me, "Come on April, get up we need to get the doctor."

I groan, "I'm up." I open my eyes and she smiles at me.

"Get ready fast." She walks out of my room.

I quickly walk into the bathroom that is attached to my room. I quickly take a hot shower. Once I get out I wiggle into some skinny jeans with white polka dots on them, pull a neon green tank top and a plain black shirt over my head and slip into some cheetah print socks. I quickly dry my hair and curl it before I apply a small amount of make up and push my feet into my black shoes. I turn my phone on vibrate and slide it into my back pocket before I jog down the stairs. "Ready?" My mom asks.

"Yes." I simply reply.

"I'm surprised that I could get you up at five thirty on a Saturday." She laughs as we walk out of the house.

"I'm surprised too."


"We have been sitting here in the waiting room forever!" I whine.

"The doctor will come soon, how about you be patient?" As if it was on cue the doctor walks into the room and calls my name.

Once we go into a room he immediately asks, "So how have you been feeling?"

"I'm getting sicker."

"That shouldn't be happening, the treatment is suppose to help." He says with a confused expression on his face.

"I guess it doesn't." I shrug.

"We don't really have any other treatment for cancer."

I quickly turn to my mom, "Yesterday you said that they have some other treatments?"

My mom becomes speechless and the doctor quickly adds, "Maybe we could try the treatment again."

"It's obviously not working."

"If you go without it then you will probably only have one or two years left?"

"Were going to try it again." My mom answers for me.

"No, I don't want to try it again, it doesn't help and I'm fine without it. Let's leave please."


"Watch." Harry says as he throws the ball and makes a basket.

"I can't do it." I groan as he hands me the ball.

"Stop doubting and throw the damn ball."

I laugh, "You're so demanding." I throw the ball and it hits the rim, bouncing off and coming right back at me. I push I away with my hand instead of grab it.

"What was that?"

"I thought it was going to hit me in the face."

He chuckles as he chases after the ball, "I think you could have caught it."

"Try again. It's not really hard and look at how close you are." I roll my eyes and toss the ball. Surprisingly I make it. He smiles, "It's about time."

"We are going to be friends right?" I ask.


"I have to tell you one thing."

"What is that?"

"Don't fall in love with me."

"I won't, I have a girlfriend. But why did you say that?" He questions with a confused look upon his face.

I didn't know he had a girlfriend otherwise I wouldn't have told him that. "I.. uh... I don't date." I lie. It's actually because I wouldn't want us to have feeling for each other, date and then I die. I mean, I stopped my treatment so cancer will defeat me eventually.


"So what is your girlfriends name?"


I smile, "I like that name. You should let me meet her sometime."

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