"I have to tell you one thing." "What is that?" "Don't fall in love with me." (1D not famous)


2. Chapter 2

(There is a picture of what I think April looks like in my mumbles)

I would say playing basketball was interesting. I wasn't able to actually steal the ball away from one of the boys and I couldn't make one single basket, every time I threw the ball it would hit the rim. I didn't really dribble the ball which kind of annoyed the boys but after a couple games they got used to it. Zayn pushed me back and I fell and scrapped my elbow but it didn't really hurt. But during the entire thing we couldn't stop laughing at how horrible I am.

"Did you have fun at least?" Harry questions.

"Yeah, I kind of did."

"Zayn got a little intense when he pushed you back and stole the ball from you." Louis laughs.

"I'm sorry about that." Zayn gushes.

I laugh, "It's fine."

"You could never get the ball from any of us, we were to quick!" Niall says laughing, making his entire face light up with excitement.

"You guys can shut up now, I know I was horrible."

"You weren't really bad?" Harry says but it comes out more of a question.

"Whatever, are we still going to Starbucks?"

"What! You do want to go?"

"Well if I say that I don't want to then I'm sure Harry would probably throw me over his shoulder and carry me to Starbucks." I joke.

Harry nods in agreement, "Well let's go!"


"Do you want anything?" Louis asks.

"No." I lie, I'm actually really thirsty but I have no money.

"Yes she does, I'll pay." Harry blurts out. It's like he read my mind.

I roll my eyes, "You're kind of annoying."

"Thank you!" Harry smiles.

"It wasn't really a compliment." I laugh.

"So how old are you?" He asks ignoring the last thing I said.

"Seventeen. You?" It's just me and Harry talking while the other boys bicker about something, I'm not really paying attention to them.

"Me too. I've seen you at school before, you're really quiet there."

"I don't exactly have a lot of friends."

"I'll be your friend, I'm sure those boys will be your friend too!"

"Well, I only have two friends so it would be cool if you guys become my friend."

"I don't understand why you only have two friends?"

"What do you mean?"

"You're so nice, beautiful, funny, fun to hangout with." He smiles.

"I'm not very social."

"I'm like a social butterfly."

I laugh, "I know and you force people to do things."

"No I don't!" He argues.

"You forced me to play basketball."

"You were lonely and you did have fun."

"True." I say defeated.

"We have to go, I need to prove a point to these fellas." Louis says as he stands up.

"Have fun." Harry smirks.

They leave and I start to feel awkward sitting here with Harry. "Do you want me to drive you home before it rains?"

"Yes please."

"I want to hang out with you tomorrow." He stands up and pays for my coffee. "I could teach you how to play basketball, maybe you could actually make a basket?"

"Oh sure."

"Great, I'll just pick you up since I don't think you have a car yet."

"Yeah, just pick me up at noon."

"Sounds good, I want to get to know you so we aren't complete strangers."


Once I get home I immediately have to play twenty questions with my mom, "Where were you? Who was that? Are you feeling okay? Liam said you just wanted to be alone, why?"

"Mom I just walked in the door." I whine.

"Answer my questions." She demands.

"I was at the park." I slip out of my shoes.

"Are you feeling okay?"

"I wanted to be alone earlier cause I was depressed that I was starting to get sicker but whatever." I ignore her question about if I'm feeling okay.

"Speaking of that, you have to go to the doctor in the morning to see if the treatment has helped."

I sigh and roll my eyes, "Did you just hear me? I said I'm getting sicker, it means the treatment hasn't helped."

"Well they are going to try some more things." My mom argues.

"I hate this." I groan as I walk up to my room.

"You never told me who you were with!" My mom shouts.

"I was with a friend!" I shout back before I close my door.

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