"I have to tell you one thing." "What is that?" "Don't fall in love with me." (1D not famous)


1. Chapter 1

I take suck in a deep breath as I try not to cry, looking around the small park only to find no one here. Looking up to find dark clouds covering up bright sun and blue sky, the warm breeze picks up and flows through my long, blonde hair. I kick my feet in the gravel below me as I lazily swing. "Are you okay?" A voice questions as startles me.

My head snaps to the right only to see my best friend Liam sitting on the swing next to me, when did he get here? How did he know I was here? "I'm getting even more sick." I whisper as more tears form in my eyes and blur my vision, I quickly blink them away.

"It's going to be okay."

"How do you know?"

"Because you're strong. You can fight this."

"But what if I can't fight this?"

"You will. I promise."

A smile tugs on my lips and I pull myself onto my feet, I walk over to Liam and give him a hug, "I hope."

"Do you want to do something?" He asks trying to change the subject.

"No, how about you go hang out with Anna?" I suggest as I go sit back on the swing.

"But aren't you going to be lonely?"

"No, I just want to be alone."

"Okay, well call me or Anna if you need anything." He stands up and looks at me before walking towards his car.

I drop my head once again to look at the gravel until I hear a male voice speak, "So me and Niall can be a team and you two will be a team?" My eyes dart around the playground only to land on four boys standing in the middle of the basketball court. I take my time looking at each of them. I recognize them, they go to my school but I just don't know their names. I notice the blonde one looking at me and I can't help but stare back, staring contest? He smiles at me and I return a smile but my smile disappears when the curly haired boy speak up, "What are you staring at?"

"Nothing." The blonde mumbles and looks away from me. The curly haired boy looks around until his eyes meet mine. I quickly look away, staring at the gravel once again.

"She looks lonely." I hear one of the four boys say. I try to ignore them and focus on the ground, my feet drawing a picture in the gravel. I feel uncomfortable sitting here as they talk. I should probably leave so they don't think I'm a creep or something. Who knows, they could walk right over here and yell rude things in my face.

"Hello!" I hear a deep, cheerful voice say. My head shoots to the right to find the curly haired boy take a seat on the empty swing next to me.

"Hi." I respond quietly.

"You look lonely. Are you waiting for someone?"


"Are you okay? You seem sad or mad? Do you want me to leave cause I will leave."

"I'm okay." I lie, I'm really not but he doesn't need to know.

"Do you want to hang out? You can play basketball with me and my friends." He smiles causing his dimples to pop out.

"No, I'm fine just sitting here."

"Oh come on!" He shouts as he jumps to his feet and grabs my hands, pulling me off the swing. "It'll be fun! By the way, I'm Harry."

"I'm April."

Harry pulls me to the basketball court to meet the other boys. "So she decided to play! Well, I'm Niall." The blonde one says.

"I didn't exactly agree." I say giving Harry a glare, "But I'm April."

"I'm Zayn and that's Louis." The black haired boy speaks as he points to the other boy with brown hair and blue eyes.

"We won't have an even team." I point out.

"It's fine, you'll just be with me and Niall." Harry smirks.

"I'm horrible at playing." I whine.

"But it's just for fun. You'll do fine." Louis argues.

"And after this we should go to Starbucks." Niall suggest.

"Sounds like a good idea mate."

"Yeah! April, you should come with us."

"No." I say fast. I really don't feel like going or doing anything else with these guys, I don't really know them.

"She will." Harry states. I glare at him and then he adds, "So we can get to know each other and maybe be friends?"

I groan, "Let's just play."

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