To This Day

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  • Published: 2 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 2 Aug 2013
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Inspired by the To This Day Project. "We empty ourselves so we would feel nothing, don't tell me that hurts less than a broken bone."


1. To This Day

When was the last time you felt terrible about yourself, if ever? What caused it? Was it because someone said "You're worthless, no one needs you."? 


Have you felt so bad about your body image you decided to starve or purge?


So bad, you decided to take out on yourself? On others?


Have you ever been called names? 


Do you have parents who have the audacity to say "Get over it."?


Do you see anything beautiful about yourself?


You have to believe that they were wrong. 


Why else would we all still be here?


Something inside of us made us believe that they were wrong.


And in all this we feel, it has less to do with pain, and more to do with beauty.


Your words can hurt someone. My words, their words. 


I was bullied too.


I knew they were wrong.


Despite all the times I've attempted, I decided they were wrong.


I knew there was more to me, enough to keep me alive.


To this day, I've decided to try and help others who think this is the end.


It isn't.


As much as I hate hearing it, it will get better. 


It's true, it will.


There is so much more to life than hatred, there's beauty and passion.


Live until tomorrow. When you do, read that sentence again.


To this day, they were wrong.

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