It started with a retweet

Sarah and Daniel are directioners , They live and breath on direction, what happens when there meet and greet passes get them invited to a after show party with the boys? Do they fall in love ? Will there be a love triangle, friendship lost, or a broken band? ..


2. A trip to town

Sarah POV

Its the day before the concert, i sent my alarm for 8:30 so i could wake early have a shower and get the bus in to town to go shopping for something to wear to morrow, I barely slept last night thinking about louis tweeting me, Im nuts about him, i dont no how or why Eleanor cheated on him, if i had him as my boyfriend id never leave his side, she broke his heart i no thats something id never do to him .. any ways enough about day dreaming i have to get ready!

I get up and head strait for my bathroom, undressing and turning on the shower, I quickly jump in and let the hot water wash over my face to wake me up, After my shower i dry of and get dressed, I put on my red skinny jeans and my stripy blue and white half top with my converse, I dry my hair and leave it wavey and natural, I put on a light bit of foundation and mascara, Then to finish it off i put on cherry red lipstick

I pickup my phone and keys and go down stairs, I grap a banana and text daniel to see if shes ready

Message to: Daniel horan;)xx

Hey ! are you up and ready? im going to eat a banana then ill be over to pick you up so we can drive to the bus stop ???


Message from: Daniel horan;)xx

Hey (: Im putting on my shoes and im ready !! Dont eat a banana can we stop at nandos on the way for breakfast in stead? Please ): 


Message to: Daniel horan;)xx

No! I've already eaten it anyways, well get one when were back from town okay :) Im heading out the door now so ill see you in 10 minutes !

*10 minutes later*

I pull up outside daniels and honk the horn, as soon as a press it i see her running out the door, she looks kind of upset, i unlock the door so she can get in then lock it again

'Hey Miss Horan ' i say pulling away from her house ' Hey ' I now no theres something wrong with her because she usually replies saying why hello there miss tomlinson 'Whats wrong?' 'My mother told me i have till the end of the month to find a place of my own or else ill be living on the streets' I cant beleive her mum really said that 'Why dont we both get a place together, Remember we said were going to move in to gether as soon as were old enough, Why dont we move to london? We can arrange to look at some flats and see them tomorro before the concert' 'Sarah do you really mean this?' she said with a tear building up in her eye 'Of course i do' And on that taught we were at the bus station, I parked the car up and we went and baught our tickets

 * That night*

Daniels POV

I've bin trying to get to sleep for almost an hour and a half now, I'm just so excited about tomorrow, I'm going to actually meet niall horan in person, I could literally just scream with the excitement right now. I decide to give sarah a text and see if she's still up

Message to: Sarah tomlinson;)xx

Hey sar , you still up? i can not sleep with the excitement about to morrow!! (:


Message from: Sarah tomlinson;)xx

Hellllo miss horan ;) i was dabating weather or not to text you !! :P This time tomorrow or biggest wish would have came trough, Im so excited! 


Message to: Sarah tomlinson;)xx

Me two!! Now get to sleep because remember we have to go and look at the apartment to morro and stuff first ! Love you misses tomlinson! xx


Message from: Sarah tomlinson;)xx

I love you two misses horan ! xx


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