Not as It Seems.

A girl named Alison Justine, had a friend living with her since their parents were dating. Now Alison is seeing things, and might need help of a therapist, but is to embarresed to show it.


1. Prologue

My name is Alison Justine, my friends call me Ali. I love to make things for my friends, especially since I was 8. Now i'm 11, and things aren't so pretty.


At the beginning I am 11.)


*back to story*

I walked through my brothers room, nearly trampling over his hockey stick. "You need to clean your room, so I can get into mine!" I yelled at him and walked into my room. "Maybe I need to clean mine". I looked out my window and heard a noise. "Dad?" I ran out from my room into the laundry room to the backdoor. "Huh?" I asked confused. I heard a noise again! I decided I was hearing things. I sighed and my phone started ringing. "This is getting creepier by the minute!" I thought. I picked up my phone. "Dad? What time are you coming home? Its 2AM!" I sounded mad. "I'll be back in a hour," he said. "My motercycle needs to be fixed up still." I knew he was lying, but I didn't say a word. I heard footsteps but my brother was sitting, and then it went silent again. I started to see my drawer open to where the silverware was, and someone appeared. They stabbed me in the head and I screamed.

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