Ella Walker dosn't have the best life she is abused by her parents, but what if one day her mom forgets to lock the door to her so called room. Will she escape, and if she does what might happen? read on to find out.


14. you cant have her

Harry's POV

Perrie and Ella walked back into the room laughing; but i could tell they were fake. What were they hiding? I got poped out of my thoughts when a doctor walked in the room. "You can go visit Mr.Horan now he is in room 180 on the first floor ... but hes sleeping so try to be a bit quiet." He said. Without even saying anything me and Ella charged out the door towards Niall's room. Great minds think alike, I guess. We got to the elevator but Ella didn't stop she just speed towards the stairs. I went after her. Then she stopped, directly in front of Niall's door, but she didn't go in. "What if he doesn't like me anymore...what if he hates me?" She asked. "But why would he hate you?" "Because I caused all this mess and if I would have just stayed my butt in that ally were he found me none of you would have to deal with me!" I wrapped her in my arms and gave her a big hug and just held her there. I really love her. What am I supposed to do? I can't just steel her from him. Listen to your self Harry you are making her sound like a hat or something, and YOU CAN'T HAVE ELLA, SHE. IS. NIALL'S!

A/N   what up saved readers what r u guys gonna be for holloween? imam be a zombie and im gonna make my own costume. lol but anyways do u guys like the book? hope so but I gots to go and I will try to update more often. my computer fried and ihad to get a new one so I am using my moms right now and I will be getting the windows table with the key bored. you know, that thing that allways makes fun of the apple tablet thing on those comersials. no...okay...bye :P

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