Ella Walker dosn't have the best life she is abused by her parents, but what if one day her mom forgets to lock the door to her so called room. Will she escape, and if she does what might happen? read on to find out.


2. waking up for an escape?

I slowly opened my eyes to darkness like I usually did but then I realized that I was all cut up and had bruises all over me. My head was pounding, I touched it and it just hurt more. What happened? But then I remembered.


My dad got up and pushed me into the wall, I fell to the ground hard. My mum got up.

-end of flashback-

I must have blacked out. I stood up just to fall back down again. I had to escape this place. I tried the door handle already knowing it would be locked but then it actually opened. My mum must have thought I was going to be to weak to even try the door handle, either that or she was just to drunk to remember. I got up again and steadied myself and began to walk towards the window of whatever room I was in and climbed out the window. Finally some freedom. I started to limb down the street and into a store. "Ma'am I am going to have to ask you to leave" the lady at the register said. "um ok" I said and left the store. I started walking again untill I reached a dark alley way. I sat down and started crying when a guy started to walk towards me.

Niall's POV

The boys and I got into a fight again so I desided to go for a walk. I was walking down a street when I came across a dark alley way and heard crying. I started walking down it to see a beautiful girl sitting there staring at me with a scared expretion on her face. She had cuts and bruises all over her and she had tears in her eyes. She also looked like she hasnt taken a shower for a couple of years and had blood stains on her shorts that didnt fit her anymore. "Its ok Im not going to hurt you I just want to know what happened" I said starting to sit down. She backed away a bit and said "My names Ella whats yours?" she said in the most caring and sweetest voice ever. "My names Niall but what happened" I said but she started to cry some more. "Its ok, how about I take you to my flat and you can wash up and then you can tell me what happened." She noded and I picked her up bridall style and walked to my flat.

Ella's mums POV

She escaped. That little s*** escaped. Me and my husband Jake took our hand guns and placed them in our pocket. We headed out the door to find her and bring her back. She will definatly get a propper beating after this.

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