Ella Walker dosn't have the best life she is abused by her parents, but what if one day her mom forgets to lock the door to her so called room. Will she escape, and if she does what might happen? read on to find out.


15. no such thing as fairys

Niall's POV

Ella walked through the door along with Harry. Why did it seem like he liked her? Oh well I don't want her anyways. She got Zayn shot and in the hospital and he might not remember anyone, AND she got me in the hospital too. He can have her. So I look up at Harry and say the most harsh thing I have probably ever said in my life. (remember I am not aloud to curce just in case my mom sees) "take that b**** you can have her. Shes gonna break this d*** band up. Now just leave me alone!" After that she ran out.

Ella's POV

I knew a boy who liked to draw,

He drew pictures that no one saw,

He was most artistic late at night,

In the bathroom out of sight,

He kept a secret no one knew,

He didn't tell a soul and his gallery grew,

His drawings were different no paper or pen,

But needed a bandage now and again,

We stood by the river under the stars,

He rolled up his sleeve and showed me his scars,

He felt embarrassed and looked down at his shoes,

Then I rolled up my sleeve and whispered I draw too.

I remembered from my mind when a picture appeared in my head of Harry. The boy who love me and the boy I loved right back.



                  THE END!!!!

A/N well that's the end and I might make a sequal but I don't know I will get back to you guys on that but who do you ship more Nella or Harlla?

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