Ella Walker dosn't have the best life she is abused by her parents, but what if one day her mom forgets to lock the door to her so called room. Will she escape, and if she does what might happen? read on to find out.


7. jealousy with a food fight

Harry's POV

Why did I have to like Ella, I mean shes like Niall and Niall likes her. I shouldnt get in the way. But what if she liked me too but didnt want to tell Niall because he saved her and she knows that he likes her but doesnt want to break his heart. I popped myself out of thought and cuddled into Lou some more. We were all watching the movie called Sybile. Ella was laying on the couch, her head on Niall and her legs were on me and Lou who were cuddled up a bit under a thick blanket. We got to the part of the movie were the mum starts abusing the kid. Ella started crying her eyes out and squezed her eyes shut. "I'm gonna take her to bed, dont wait for me." Niall said and then carried her to bed to calm her down. At least I can try to get my mind off her now.

-next morning-

Ella's POV

Surprisingly, I woke up before Niall this morning. He was sound asleep. I started playing with his hair as the smell of pancakes filled the room. Niall shot up and ran straight out the room. I followed close behind knowing were he was heading. I jumped on his back causing him to fall to the ground. I got up quickly and ran straight towards the kitchen were Lou was making pancakes. I sat down at the spot on the table where pancakes were already sitting on plate. Niall soon came in. and sat down in another place where there were already pancakes placed on a plate. We ate our food as all the other boys came walking in. Lou put four more stacks of pancakes on plates and the rest of them sat down and ate with us. I was buttering my last pancake when I felt someone put butter on my face. I looked up and saw everyone point at Niall. I put my finger in the tub and scooped some out. I ploped it all on Niall's face. Everyone started cracking, but I didnt see Lou anywhere. Next thing I knew there was syrup being poured all over my head but not long after of corse I hear Zayn shout, "FOOD FIGHT!!!!!" We all started throughing butter, pancakes and everything we could find at eachother. I had an idea. I rummaged through a cabnet for baking powder but before I could find it there was powder being shuved in my face. I turned around to see Harry laughing histaricly. I put my hand in the bag of powder that Harry was holding. I pulled out a hand full and threw it in Harry's face. He dropped the bag and I took it. I started throughing it at everybody. The kitchen was a mess. Everyone stopped and stared at the mess in the kitchen. "Ok well I think we should all start cleaning up." Liam said. "Agreed." Everyone said in union. We were all finally done cleaning the kitchen when everyone went to go change. I took a shower since I had syrup and powder stuck in my hair. But when I got done with everything and walked out of my room you will never guess what I saw.

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