Drinking from the wrong glass

If Sephy could give advice it would to be, don't drink from a glass that your worst enemy gave to you. If only she had had that advice for herself. When Sephy drinks a drink she wasn't supposed to it sends her dashing across the city in her fight for freedom and humanity.

A short story I was going to enter in the City Of Bones competition but I missed the deadline, hope you guys think it's okay because I'm not sure but, here we go!


1. Wrong glass

This is my city, it is where I have grown up and gone to school, made friends and not so good friends, played, shopped and just hung around. But last last night I went to a friend’s party and this morning, well let’s just say that I don’t feel that I don’t know the city at all. Not one little bit. 


You see it wasn’t an ordinary party and it all started a long time before that. 


At my school - yes I am embarrassed to say it’s one of those girls schools with tartan skirts - the girls fall into two types; the ordinary ones, which I am one of and ‘the group’ a weird bunch who for some reason think they are cooler, better looking, more funny and generally less like a bunch of losers than the ‘normals’. They could not be more wrong. 


Anyhow, my name must have got mixed up and put on the wrong list because ‘Charlie’ Smyth Anthrup - Charlotte Smart-arse-Anthill as we call - marched up to me in break on Thursday, beamed at me and said; “And of course Persephone, you’ll be coming to my party on Saturday won’t you? 


Of course it wasn’t a question. “Er yes, delighted...


And that is how I ended up at the party. I knew the second I walked into the party that something wasn’t right. First of all my my two best friends, Olive who is a ordinary and Ben who I had to drag from in front of his Xbox, they both wandered dizzily into the crowd without a second glance at me. Now I am not much of a dancer but I am also not the one who was just going to stand awkwardly in the doorway, so I began to weave my way through the crowd trying to locate my friends.

Just as I thought I caught sight of Olive someone grabbed my by the arm and pushed me back towards the door.


“Who do you thin-”I cut off as I realized no one was paying attention to me.

I started to push my way through the dancing crowd again. With one final push I was thrown out of the crowd, and back at the entrance, back to the start. I spun around to look at the floor, only again I came to be looking at the exit. I grabbed my hair in fist and; “Why won’t you let me in?!” My screams were drowned by the loud thumping of the music.


“Persephone! Great you could come, have a drink!” Charlotte flashed a perfect fake smile as she appeared in front of me, shoving a glass of glowing red liquid into my hand. I looked at it, swirling in the cup, I could have sworn I saw a shard of glass or metal swirling beneath the surface. 


“Drink up!”Charlotte said as she disappeared into the mass of people. As I put the drink to my lips someone whispered.


“Don’t drink that,”I turned to see where the voice had come from but as before no-one was paying attention to me.


“You can’t stop me from doing this,”I declared as I tipped the liquid contents into my mouth. My whole mouth started to burn as the red liquid passed into my throat, it had a metallic taste to it and was almost as thick as a soup, it almost made me want to gag but, I persevered. I carried on to down the drink and just as it was a bit too late the shard I thought I saw, did pass into my mouth. Before I could cough it out it was already too late, I had swallowed it.


At first nothing happened as I panicked that I was going to choke and not be able to breath, nothing as such happened. A burning sensation began in my stomach that made me double over. The music suddenly flared so loud it made my head spin. I looked up to the dancers who were now dancing slowly as if they were in a trance. Also, their bodies were all giving off a hazy picture of themselves but in a different stance to the actual body, when the person moved so did the image.  


In the crowd that was now filled by hazy pictures I spotted a few members of ‘the group’ who seemed to be emitting a faint red glow, a raspy voice whispered into my head.

“Go to them you’ll be safe with them,” Although I didn’t really believe the voice I found myself starting to walk towards them.


As I started to walk towards them the doors burst open, someone grabbed my shoulders and yanked me out of the doors and onto the cold, wet pavement.


“I’m sorry I did’t mean to pull you down like that, It’s just, you didn’t listen to me,” I scrambled to my feet ignoring a hand that was offered to me.


“You!Your the one who was trying to stop me from doing anything; How dare you!”


I was about to go on a rant but I stopped because the guy who had pulled me out was first looked as if he was already bored of me, and he was also perhaps the most gorgeous guy I’d ever seen. He had dark brown hair that was kept untidy and flopped down his forehead,  his eyes were a strange shade of green that also gave off a gold effect, his jaw was strong and on his left cheek was a scar that dominated at least half of his cheek, but even that was gorgeous.


“Come on we don’t have much time,”He said as he tightened his belt that glimmered with small daggers and other various weapons, I fought the urge to shrink away from him.


“We’ve got to run,I’ll explain while we’re running,by the way my names James”


“Yeah only problem, I can‘t run for my life,” He stopped with his belt, groaned slightly and huffed; “Try”


And with that we took off at a dangerous speed, down the street. I’d never ran this fast before, but it felt good to be running past the empty shops and cafe’s of the city that were either asleep, or forgetting their day in a night club or bar.  


“Where are we going?” I shouted over our speed that was gradually picking up, to a fast sprint.

“We’ve got to get you to a friend of mine, for the cure,”James replied, still focused on the way we were going.

“Turn right in a few seconds then jump,”He instructed. A few seconds later we veered  right into a alleyway, still running in a mad dash we were fast approaching a tall wall and there were no other alternative places to go.

“Jump. Now!”He barked as he launched himself into the air, gritting my teeth I also pushed as hard as I could off the ground throwing myself up into the air, I aimed myself to where James waited for me. As I hurtled through the air towards the impending wall, it was one of the weirdest feelings, it wasn’t like flying at all, it was like falling, but obviously, upwards.


My feet connected with the top of the wall, and without my new found balance I would have probably fallen over the side to the ground. Before I could think, we were off again now leaping up onto roofs of buildings. I wasn’t think about running anymore, I was simply trusting my feet to do the work. 


“Explain Everything!” I shouted to James as we leaped off another building. After a while I thought he wasn’t going to reply but then James said;

“The drink you drank, its was Lucifer’s blood, and if you don’t get the cure you will become bound to him, making you compelled to do whatever he asks of you, and you might be made to kill innocents and the Lords Defenders, so I’m trying to help you get the cure, so you don’t become all of the above”

  “Why though?”I asked.


“Because I’m one of the Lords Defenders and I don’t particularly want you to become my enemy. I don’t want to kill anymore, and if you turn I’ll have no choice, but to end you. I could sense that you were going to turn and I’m trying my best to stop it,”

He suddenly sped up, now the gaps between building seemed like cracks in the pavement.We carried on at a precarious speed for what seemed like hours. 


Suddenly he blazed up in gold light which was beautiful but I also felt the burning desire to kill him. I pushed even faster, slamming into James with all of my weight , my shoulder landed right between his shoulder blades and he yelped in surprise. We both landed in a heap on a roof, I tried to get up, but he was faster and already on top of me, pinning me to the ground.

“No! Sephy, no. You don’t want to do this,I’m trying to help you. Stop it!” James pleaded.

I was struggling, trying to grab at one of his knives. I stopped. What was I doing? He was trying to help me.

“Hurry up!Take me, It’s hard to control,” I said through tears.I fought to extinguish the burning sensation.

“Run! Sephy we don’t have much time!”


The last few moments went in slow motion. We leaped one final massive leap and landed on a roof of a tall block of flats. James threw open fire escape and we dashed inside onto the narrow stairs, James took them five at a time, where I just leaped to the stairwells. 


James strode up to a apartment door and whispered something, the door opened revealing a large room that was lit by dozens of candles, the air smelt heavily of burning herbs. James riffled through draws, as a ancient woman burst in a door that had appeared from nowhere.

“This is the girl?” She croaked catching James’s attention.

“Yes,”He replied.They spoke in hushed voices then after a while she reluctantly handed over a small vile of gold liquid to james.The burning sensation returned only magnified that it was almost unbearable. I let out a scream and that is when James rushed to me, catching me as I tried to fold in on myself to try to stifle the burning, James put the vile to my lips and poured the contents into my mouth.


The next few moments went in flashes because, I was slipping in and out of consciousness. James scooped me up in his arms and rested me on a bed, where as far as I know he waited next to the bed, until I woke up the next morning. I had still had the burning sensation but this time it wasn’t to kill James it was to help him. I looked at him, he was sleeping lightly. I tried to sit up to examine the room; “Sephy, I wouldn’t, your still weak,” James perked up in his chair but it was clear he was still tired.

“I’m cured?” I asked settling back down.

“Yes, but there’s something you need to know,” James replied with a deadly serious voice.

“I think I know,” He looked slightly taken aback, then he gestured for me to go on; “I’m a Lord’s Defender, I feel the power inside of me.I’m right, aren’t I?” 

“Persephone.There were...complications. You see the cure was to turn you into a Lord’s Defender but you were far into the change of becoming Lucifer bound, the cure could only do so much,” He stopped, obviously he was preparing to drop a atomic bomb of bad news.

“James cut to the chase!” I snapped.

“Your still partly bound to him, but your also a Lords Defender. I don’t know what will happen Sephy. But we’ll fight it, together,”


I really don’t know this city anymore.









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