my new family (slow updates)

read to find out what happens


15. the trip home

Louis' Pov

We decided to leave the next day because I had to go to work and el had to go back to college "morning babe" I said as she woke up "morning" she said back and I smiled and kissed her nose. "So who is gonna take Avril to work tomorrow" I asked "well you are the only one who has a job babe. I can't bring her to college anyways" Eleanor said "daddy look what I made" I looked up and saw Avril standing there with a picture of me her and el. "Aww princess it's beautiful" I said because el fell back asleep, "do ya wanna wake mammy up then go back home then me and you will go and see the boys tomorrow" I said to her. "Yay" she screamed and woke up Eleanor "c'mon babe we have to get going soon" I said she nodded. I took Avril downstairs so we could make some brekie well try to anyways. "Daddy can we go out for breakfast plewse" Avril said and nodded because I knew I couldn't cook.

Eleanor's Pov

I went downstairs and saw that no one was hear so I decided to go back upstairs to Avril's she was staying in and saw her and Louis asleep beside a open suitcase, I quickly took a picture and woke them up "c'mon babe" I shook Louis first and he got up and put Avril on the bed so he could finish packing her suitcase "have you packed our suitcase babe" Louis asked me, "yes babe it's at the door, what are we having for breakfast" I said. "We are having McDonalds for breakfast" he answered while picking Avril up and walking downstairs with the suitcase behind him. I said goodbye to my mam and left the house and when I got into the car Avril was still asleep and so was Louis "babe do you want me to drive" I asked him waking him up. "Nope I got it" he said turning the car in and driving down the road, "you sure" I asked and he nodded. as we were driving Louis pulled over and said "babe can you drive" giving me the puppy dog eyes and i laughed at him. "what" he asked looking at me "i knew this would happen babe that's what" i said getting out of the car and him doing the same. once i got into the drivers seat i started driving i looked over at Louis and saw that he was asleep. as i was driving i stopped for McDonalds for me and the other two if they woke up. 

Louis' Pov 

i woke up to the smell of McDonalds "hey babe" i croaked "hey babe there's food on the floor for ya" el said reading my mind "but we are nearly home" i moaned "then you can heat it up when you get home"  we made it home i grabbed the food and el grabbed avril and we went up to the house. as we got into the house avril woke up and wanted to get down. we all decided to watch tv and have a movie day. 

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