my new family (slow updates)

read to find out what happens


12. the good news

Sophie's Pov

i was driving to Perrie's house and i heard gentle snoring in the back and i turned around and saw avril asleep and it was so cute. we finally got to their house and i tried not to wake as i lifted her into the house but failed and she wanted to get down, i did and she ran to the door and knocked. perrie opened the door and avril hugged her "awww that's cute" i said and zayn came to the and said so as well. after a while i got a call from work saying i had to get there asap, "perrie" i called and she came into the kitchen "whats wrong" she asked when she walked in "could you watch avril i have to go into work" i told her "i thought it was your day off" she asked. "it is" i told her "yea sure, id love to" she told me "thanks girl" i say and i walked out to my car and drove off. 

Perrie's Pov 

me and zayn were playing with avril when zayn got a phone call from liam and went into the other room to talk. he came back and said "we need to go to the hospital now" and we left to the hospital. when we got there liam was waiting for u s outside the hospital and brought us up to Eleanor's room and Louis was talking Eleanor and avril jumped out zayn's arms and ran to Louis screaming daddy at the top of her lungs.  

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