my new family (slow updates)

read to find out what happens


10. something wrong

Louis' Pov

i was going back to tour today and el and avril are coming too. before we go we are for breakfast with lads and im seeing how they have been because i haven't seen them in ages. "el are you ready yet" i shouted up the stairs, me and avril are waiting for ages so i decided to go up to her and see what is keeping her. i walked into my and el's room and saw her on the ground i started panicking and called 991.

phone call between Louis and a lady from 991

Lady from 991~ hello what is your emergency  

Louis~ my girlfriend isn't moving and she's breathing funny

lady from 991~ ok the ambulance is on its way and we are tracking this number and don't panic.

Louis~ thank you and i have to hang up my daughter is crying

Lady from 991~ the ambulance should be there now

phone call ended

"avril go and get door please" i said when the doorbell rang. the paramedics came and took el away.

Liam's Pov

i was eating my breakfast when Louis' number showed up.

phone call between liam and Louis

liam~ hey Lou

Louis~ hey liam can you call Simon and tell that el has been rushed to hospital

liam~ sure do you want me to come over as well

Louis~ please mate

phone call ended

Louis hung up and i grabbed my coat and shouted up to Sophie im going to Louis' house and she said she is coming too so she can watch avril if we need her to. 5 minutes later we got to Louis' house and we both ran in and saw avril banging on Louis' bedroom door, Sophie grabbed avril and brought her to her room while i kicked down Louis' door and walked  in and saw him in the corner  crying. "Lou its going to be ok" i told him and he got up and said "im going to the hospital. are you coming" i got up and we told Sophie where we were going and we left for the hospital.

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