my new family (slow updates)

read to find out what happens


1. new home

avril's Pov

I been stuck in foster care since I was two, now im four. my parents and my eighteen year old brother died in a car crash and somehow I survived.

flashback ( this is from what people have told avril and what she remembers)

my mum was putting me into my car seat and my brother was texting and he didn't look very happy. when my mum was done with me she disappeared into the house, I started to cry and my brother groaned but tried to keep me quiet but it didn't work. then my dad came out the house and came into the car and I stopped crying and my brother muttered "fuck sake". my dad turned and shouted at my brother "what the fuck did you say" "nothing dad I swear my brother said" my brother said and my dad said thought so. I started to cry again and my mam gave me my dummy and fell asleep. when I woke up I was in a hospital and was taken away to  this room and was told that my parents are dead. I was taken to an orphanage for two years and then went to foster care.

flashback ended

I was in the back of a car travelling to my next foster home as i thought but I wasn't. someone adopted me but i didn't know until the person in the front said "avril this is your new home, you have been adopted" i just sat there like i didn't know what was going on. the women got out of the car and opened my door and i got out while hugging a teddy that i had since it a baby and my brothers hat on my head. we walked up to the front door and knocked and a women opened it and said "hello my name is jay and you must be avril. come in and sit down" "im really sorry but i cant stay. bye avril have fun" the women from the car said and left.

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