my new family (slow updates)

read to find out what happens


6. movie night

Louis' Pov

"el, the boys are coming over make more popcorn because you know them" I shouted into el as I was picking the movie. "ok Lou but don't have to shout" she said as she walked into the movie room (we have a movie room). just I picked the movie the doorbell rang and I went to get it and saw the boys, perrie and Sophie. "girls el is in the kitchen getting snacks, boys can I talk to you please" I said "what is it Lou" liam said calmly, I didn't answer him I just took them into the forest beside my house. "I wanted to have a romantic night with el and do you know but you guys wanted to come over" I growled at them. "sorry Lou we were at my house and my mam was on her way home and she said that the boys couldn't stay because she wanted to have some rest" harry said. "I told you guys this yesterday and reminded you this morning over the phone" I told them before walking back to the house because we were outside for 5 minutes and it was getting cold.

Liam's Pov

Louis did tell us but the others were half sleep when I told them so maybe that's why they forgot. "c'mon Li, Lou left us here, lets go back inside" niall said dragging me along. when we got to the house we saw Louis waiting outside the door for us "took you long enough" he growled "jees Louis, calm down" but he ignored us and went inside, so did we. when I walked into the movie room everyone was sitting down on the couch but Louis was no where to be seen.

Louis' Pov

I went up to me room and texted el and said that to put on the movie 2012 ( I know old movie but I like it) and she asked where I was I said I was going to the shop to get some sweets be back soon. she didn't text back after that. I called my mum.

phone call between Louis and his mum. L~ Louis M~ mum

M~ hello Louis what's wrong

L~ there is something wrong with me can I get a doctors appointment with you

M~ sure when will you be at the hospital

L~ 2 mins

M~ ok bye

L~ bye

phone call ended

I drove to the hospital 2 minutes later to see my mum waiting for me. "hey sweetie what's wrong" she said and I asked "can we talk in your office please mum". I walked past her and into her office that was just down the hall from the front doors, "could you lock the door please" and she did. "right tell me now" she said and I started to cry. "I just feel so weak and I cant jump around the boys much anymore" I told her "louboobear that's because your not sleeping I know because el tells me and so does Simon. he can tell that you need rest so he told me that you and the boys are have two months off to relax and have fun. now go home and be with your friends" she said and I left.

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