my new family (slow updates)

read to find out what happens


2. meeting the family

jay's Pov

this little girl was very quiet like she couldn't talk so i crouched down and said " hi im jay can you tell me your name sweetie" and she said " im avril and im four years old". her voice is so sweet and soft and she made grabby hands at  me so I picked her up and brought her upstairs to see the others. first to daisy and phoebe's room, "girls can you listen for a second. this is avril, she is your new sister be nice to her" I said and the girls nodded. next was fizzy's (felicite) room " fizzy can you get off the computer for a second. this is your new sister avril be nice" and she said ok, Lottie was in the sitting room so I will tell her in a few minutes. i showed avril where she's sleeping. she's sleeping in Louis' room with him I really hope he wont mind. then we went downstairs to the sitting room where Lottie was and she said " mum save your voice I heard you telling the girls" and I said "oh good and can you watch her while I cook dinner"  she said "make Lou do it he's home now he's in the kitchen" I walked into the kitchen and sure enough Louis was there with the lads. " hey loubear" I always said that when the lads were here because it embarrasses Louis. " mum stop calling me that and who's the baby?" he asked "this is avril, I adopted her and she is sleeping in your room so be nice" i answered his question and he took avril from me and told the lads to come.

Louis' Pov

me and the lads went upstairs, in my arms was my new little sister but she was so cute maybe later ill ask can I bring her on tour with me. I went into my room with the lads following me, we sat on the beds and the floor and niall said "she so cute can she come on tour with us" and I said "ill ask my mam and you ask Simon and Paul" I put avril on the bed and ran downstairs "mum the lads and I  want to know can we bring avril on tour" I said to her and she said "if avril wants to" I said thanks and ran upstairs and liam said "Simon and Paul said yes" so I walked over to avril and asked her "would you like to come on tour with us" and she said "yes I wove to".

niall's Pov

Louis little sister is going on tour with us we leave for tour on Friday, it Saturday. we were paying fifa in Louis' room and Lottie walks in and said "dinner's ready and boys you have to go home now" we walked downstairs and me and the boys walked out of the door and went our separate ways.

avril's Pov

one of the girls walked in and said dinners ready and Louis picked me up and brought me downstairs. the others left and Louis put me in a seat and he sat down beside me. its gonna take me a while to get everyone's name right.

Louis' Pov

"hey mum can I take avril out shopping with Eleanor tomorrow for clothes" I asked and she answered "sure thing and is avril going on tour with you" "yep so is el so she could help me with her". when everyone was finished dinner we went up to our rooms and went to bed. I texted el to ask if she is able to come shopping with me and she said yes.

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