my new family (slow updates)

read to find out what happens


11. going to the hospital

Liam's Pov

i got into my car with Louis and we drive to the hospital, Louis was a mess, he was shaking uncontrollably and he stopped crying because he cant anymore. we finally got to the hospital and Louis ran in the moment i stopped the car. "what room is my girlfriend Eleanor in" Louis said to the girl at the desk "third floor room 345" the girl said "thanks" i said because Louis was already in the lift "hurry up liam" he shouted at me "im coming mate calm down" i said to him and i arrived in the lift. Louis pushed the button and when the lift stopped on the third floor Louis ran to the room el was in and he fell to the floor and cried "Louis it will be ok you hear me" i told him while trying to get him off the floor and onto a chair i doctor came and told us el was....

Avril's Pov

daddy had left with uncle liam to go and  see mammy and i stayed with aunty Sophie. we were playing on the Wii when her phone rang and when it was over she said "we are going to zayn and perrie's house for lunch" Yay ill get my black one direction converse" i said and ran up to my room to get them "are we walking to their house" i asked "yep because liam took my car, i don't know where Louis keeps his keys and Zayn's house aint that far" she said " i know where my daddy keeps the car keys but its too high for me to reach" i said and i dragged her to where the keys where "there" i said pointing to a hook over the toaster. i got into my car seat while Sophie locked the door "do you need me too do your seatbelt" Sophie asked me "yeah i cant do it yet" i told her, and she did it and we went uncle Zayn's house.

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