my new family (slow updates)

read to find out what happens


3. going shopping (part one)

avril's Pov

last night Louis said that he was bring me on tour with him and im going shopping today with him and this girl named Eleanor. I waited for a few minutes then I went and jumped on him. he groaned and said "im up, im up" and I said "I hunwry I want food pleawse".

Louis' Pov

avril jumped on me and said "I hunwry I want food pleawse", she is so like niall so I brought her downstairs and got her some food and asked her what she wanted and she said "pancakes" " ok ill try". I put avril on the couch and put the TV on and ran upstairs to ask Lottie to make pancakes "lot can you make pancakes for avril" and she said "yea be down now". I ran back downstairs into the kitchen and pretended to make pancakes and Lottie came in  sat down while she made them. ten minutes later the pancakes were ready I got them and brought them into avril while lottie went back to bed. I sat on the couch but as soon as I did the doorbell rang, I got up and answered it. "hey el what's up" I said as I opened the door and she said "hey Lou, going shopping with you". we walked back to the couch and sat down then I remembered I was still in my pjs and so was avril so I grabbed her and ran upstairs with Eleanor laughing at us but el still followed us. "who's that" avril asked and el said "im el, im louis' girlfriend and I am going shopping with you and going on tour too". avril said yay and ran towards el and hugged her while I got her clothes her and el played. I picked out a nice flowery dress for avril and chinos and a striped shirt for me. when we were dressed we went downstairs and saw that everyone but Lottie was up. "hey mum we are going shopping now" I said "ok Lou and hello el how are you" she said and el said "im good jay" avril said "bye bye jay" "bye sweetie". we walked out the door and avril asked el to carry her but I ran in to ask if we still had a buggy and my mam said in the shed. I grabbed it and ran to my car to see that avril and Eleanor were already in it. I got in the car and drove to the shopping centre.

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