my new family (slow updates)

read to find out what happens


8. family time

Avril's Pov

el told me that Louis is staying home for two months. yay i can hang with my new big brother.

Louis' Pov

i called my mam and asked her if we could adopt avril because she still didn't send in the papers and she said yes i just have to go and get the papers. "el im going to my mams to get the papers for avril" i shouted to her i think she was with avril. i got into my car and went to my mams house, i got there and was greeted by fizzy "hey fizzy can i come in" i asked her and she let me in everyone was hugging me and then i said "where's Lottie" "with her new boyfriend" phoebe said "what!!" i said. "yep and here's the papers" my mam told me "now go home" and i left. i came home and avril came running at me "daddy you're home" she shouted and hugged me, el was standing behind her smiling "i had to tell her because i wanted to see that and i could tell she over heard your conversation with your mam" she said. "well then lets fill out this papers and then have some fun" i said "yay and i want you to sing rock me to me" avril said and we just laughed "ok sweetie you go find that song on YouTube and we'll sing it" el said to her while i went into the dining room and sat down. ~ 1 hour later~ we finally finished the paper to adopt avril and el went to put it in the post box i went to find avril and found her asleep on the couch with the laptop. i picked her up and brought her to bed that we have here in my flat. when el came back i was on the couch watching tv "where's avril" el asked me "she's in bed" i told her "how its only 2 o'clock in the afternoon" el said "you go and check if she's awake and then we all will go out somewhere, because your always moaning that we don't" i said trying not to show that i was mad at the boys "what's the matter babe, you're mad" el said "the boys keep texting me to come and hang" i told her. she said ok and then went up to get avril while i got my shoes on they came down the stairs and we left.

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