my new family (slow updates)

read to find out what happens


13. coming home

Louis' Pov 

i was so happy that el was wake again that i forgot that avril was coming to the hospital "daaaaddddyyyyy" i heard someone yell and felt sad because avril was with zayn then i looked up and saw avril running at me. "baby girl,wanna go and have fun" i said when avril jumped on me "yea. can mammy come too" she asked "sure, zayn can you ask the doctor" and he walked out of the room. when zayn came back he told him that el could leave so we all piled into zayn's car and left the hospital. we decided to go home to get changed and to get something to eat, then i noticed that avril was very upset so i went over to her. "whats wrong baby" i asked her "i miss my mammy" she said "awww baby, its ok me and el are here for you" and she nodded and gave me a hug. 

Eleanor's Pov 

i overheard Louis talking to avril and i thought it was very nice of what he said to her. Louis picked up avril and brought her towards the kitchen "well done babe" i whispered to him as he passed and i swear he smiled a little " my mam said that she wants to meet avril" i said and avril jumped down from Louis and jumped at me and said "i want to meet grandma". then she left to her room to get something. "sure thing we'll... " Louis started to say but he stopped because he saw avril dragging her bag to the door "want some help" Louis said to her and she nodded "what do you have in here" he asked her "all my toys" you cant bring all your toys" i said n we all dragged her bag back to her room and saw that she took absolutely everything "omg" Louis whispered and i laughed at him. we decided to help avril pick three toys to bring to my mams house. about ten  minutes later we finally got into the car after a temper tantrum because she couldn't bring all her toys.

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