my new family (slow updates)

read to find out what happens


5. back home after shopping

Eleanor's Pov

when Louis put avril up to bed he came downstairs he said "we have the house to ourselves because my sisters are their friends and my mam is working and avril is asleep. what would you want to do." (during the sentence Louis sat down on the couch and leaned closer to Eleanor to kiss her.) just then the phone rang and Louis groaned and I laughed and I went to answer it, it was the niall.

phone call E~ Eleanor N~ niall

E~ hey

N ~ he el is Louis home

E ~ yea, why 

N~ we were wondering if we could come over to have a movie night

E ~ ill ask hold on

niall on hold, " Lou can the lads come over for a movie night" but Lou looked at me saying he wanted the place to ourselves. "ok ill get rid of them for ya"

E~ niall you still there

N~ yea, so what's the answer El

E~ I went into the sitting room to find him and ask him but he was asleep maybe another time

N~ sure ill tell the boys. bye

E~ bye

phone call ended

Louis' Pov

I told the boys that I was busy and couldn't hang but niall called and asked if we could have a movie night I was gonna have one with el. "babe are you ok" el asked "yea all good, wanna watch a movie" I said " sure thing can we watch a horror movie so I can see you be scared again ha-ha" she said/laughed " yea, yea very funny. ill put the movie on and you get the pop-corn" I said. she walked into the kitchen and I put the movie on.

niall's Pov

when el hung up the phone I knew Louis wasn't asleep and he was on the couch because I heard him whispering no no no. I told the boys that we couldn't go to Louis' house because he was asleep but the lads knew he wasn't asleep. it was only 7:30 "he cant be asleep I know Lou" liam said "yea ill call him and ill hear his voice to see if he was asleep" harry told us and he walked out, if anyone knows Louis its harry.

harry's Pov

I went up to my room (we were in my house and my mam was at work) too call Louis.

phone call H~ harry L~ Louis

H~ hey Lou

L~ hey haz, u woke me up

H~ soz but u don't sound like u were sleep

L~ u calling me a liar

H~ soz can we come over now because ur awake

L~ yea, sure, whatever

H~ thx Lou

L~ ok, bye

H~ bye

phone call ended

Liam's Pov

when harry came back in after ten minutes he had a smile on his face and said "Lou said we can come over to watch some movies" we looked at niall who was eating and he jumped up and grabbed his favourite movie. he waited at the door while I got zayn, I ran up the stairs, I knocked his door. he opened the door "hey liam what's up" he said and I answered "harry said that Louis is letting us go to his house for a movie night" and he asked "can perrie come" "yea sure" I said and he disappeared back into his room.

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