Life As Louis Tomlinson's Daughter *Sequel to Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning**completed*

*Sequel to Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning and the sequel to Love Is In My DNA**conpleted* Anna Tomlinson never fit in, even if she is Louis' daughter. No one really liked her. She only wanted to be loved her whole life. Until she gets paired with someone for a baby project that will change her life forever.


8. Talking To My Love

Talking To My Love

I'm laying in my room with Sleeping With Sirens blaring in my ears through my ear buds. I feel my phone vibrate, I pick it up... A call from Luke! Oh my gosh! I rip my ear buds out and I fix my hair.

"Wait what am I doing he can't see me." I answer the phone.

"Hello?" I say.

"Hello baby girl I miss you." He says.

"I miss you too." I say.

"I saw on your twitter you've been dying your hair a lot." He says.

"Yeah." I say.

"You're hair looks really sexy black." He says.

"Thanks."  I say.

"You have a boyfriend?" He asks.


"Because I'm coming back, for you."

"Really?" I start to smile really big.

"Yeah. I've been saving up from my job at Wendy's."

"That makes me happy."

"Yeah." I can't wait to hear that sexy accent in person again.

"Did you get a job?" He asks.

"Yeah I work at a camp for teenage moms."

"Why are you one?" He asks. I laugh.

"No I can't have kids." I say.

"Oh, sorry to hear that love." He says.

"It's okay."

"At least we can do it again and we don't have to worry any." He says.

"Shush what if your mom hears. We did it once and I don't want to again."

"My mum won't hear." He says.

"Why not?" I ask.

"Look outside your window." I open my window confused. I smile, he standing outside with white and red carnations and roses, my two favorite kinds of flowers. I run outside. I jump on him and he catches me. We start kissing, I see Alex's car pull in, we stop kissing.

"What's wrong?" He asks.

"Put me down." I whisper. He sets me on the ground. I get my balance and I walk over to Alex.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"I thought we were, you know, going out." He says.

"Well my boyfriend just got home from Australia so I kinda want to see him."

"From the way you two were kissing I think you want to see a lot of him." He says.

"Stop it. Who ever said we were going out?" I ask.

"Well we did kiss."

"Yeah we kissed. That's it." I walk away as he drives away.

"What was that?" He asks.

"Just someone I use to know." I whisper. He grabs my hand and kisses me.

"Let's walk." Luke says. We start walking as he tells me all about how his mom flipped out when he said he was leaving again and how his sister got pregnant and a bunch of other stuff. While we're holding hands he makes it so our fingers interlock.

"Wanna see my new place?" He asks. I smile and nod.

"Sure." I say. We walk and we pass the house I always wanted. There's a sold sign, I sigh.

"Wait, we passed it." He turns around and we walk into my dream house.

"Did you really buy this!?" I ask.

"Yeah, for you." He says. I kiss him. He slowly starts to pull me onto the floor but I stop kissing him.

"No." I say. I start walking through the rooms.

"Why do you like this house so much?" He asks.

"Because when I was a kid, this is where we lived, before the other kids came along and I was just a baby. It's small but this was all mom and dad could afford."

"So they got this before they were famous." I nod. I walk over to a wine stain on the carpet.

"Before mom stopped drinking dad and her got into a huge fight and she chucked it at the ground." I whisper running my hand on it.

"That reminds me." He pulls out some wine.

"You want a drink for old times sake." I smile and nod. He pours me a glass and we sit on the floor because there was no furniture.

"You still cut?" He asks taking a sip of his wine.

"No, I don't like it anymore... Doesn't really make me look bad ass anymore it just makes me look dumb." I say.

"That makes me happy, it made upset thinking of you hurting yourself." He says. I take a sip of my wine.

"Drugs?" He asks.

"No, just makes me look like a dumb ass, at least this time it's a high dumb ass." He kisses me.

"Smoking?" He asks.

"Never did." I say.

"Yeah I didn't know if you started." He says.

"Do you?" I ask.

"No, that's dumb."

"Yeah but drugs and cutting isn't." I say looking at his new scars.

"I don't do drugs." He says laying down because he finished his wine.

"You know drinking isn't smart either." I say.

"Yeah but I'll stop when you do." I stand up and I dump out the wine in the sink.

"What are you doing!?"

"Helping you."

"That was the only wine I could get in the U.S!" He says.

"Well, I'm stopping and so are you." I kiss him.

"And you're quitting drugs because I can taste the drugs when I kiss you." He opens his bag and gives the drugs to me. I walk outside and I throw it away.

"There." I say. He sighs.

"You're such a goodie goodie now." He says walking in the house.

"What makes you say that? Because I'm not stupid now?" I ask getting offended.

"Sorry, don't be mad. I just got home." He kisses me, "I don't want you to be mad while I'm here." He whispers then starts kissing me again.

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