Life As Louis Tomlinson's Daughter *Sequel to Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning**completed*

*Sequel to Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning and the sequel to Love Is In My DNA**conpleted* Anna Tomlinson never fit in, even if she is Louis' daughter. No one really liked her. She only wanted to be loved her whole life. Until she gets paired with someone for a baby project that will change her life forever.


21. So Many Questions

I walk out of mine and Alexander's room and I see Lila sitting at the table.

"Lila it's 6:30 in the morning why are you up?" I ask.

"The abortion clinic opens at 6:00..." She mumbles.

"Did you-" She shakes her head.

"I couldn't do it..." She says. She starts to cry. I hug her.

"Help me Ally... I don't know what to do anymore..." She whispers.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to ask for my help." I mumble tears filling my eyes. I blink them away, "But I don't think my answer will help you." I say.

"What is it?" She asks.

"How about you tell Mom and Dad..." I whisper.

"Oh god." She cries into my shoulder more, "I'm scared..." She says.

"I know." I whisper. I run my fingers through her hair calming her down a bit.

"I'm keeping the baby, I don't care what dad says." She tells me. I nod.

"Good, it'll help you to learn that sex is bad." I tell her. She giggles.

"I know you and Alex were having sex the night we got here, you had the flu and now he does." I put my index finger against my lips, she giggles.

"Well no one will ever know for sure because I can't have children." I say. I kiss her forehead and dad comes out of him and mom's room.

"What are you two doing up?" Dad asks.

"Dad, Louis if I may," she starts.

"You may not go on." Louis says.

"Okay, dad... Um..." She got nervous and ran out of the room.

"What's going on?" Dad asks.

"Louis," I hear mom start coming in from the living room, "I heard a conversation while I was watching TV." She swallows hard, "Louis, Lila is pregnant.

I picked up a plate and threw it against a wall and stormed out of the room.

Mom looks at me, "Louis is very mad, he has a hard time with anger at times and this is a big one, I need for you, Alex, and Meeka to leave now. I will call you once he's calmed down." I nod in agreement.

I've heard some stories of my dad's anger, like when mom cheated with that girl Kat. I hurried and got Meeka and I woke up Alex and I drove off.

"Where are we going?" Meeka asks very tired.

"I was thinking the same thing..." Alexander says.

"Well, Lila is, um, having a little baby boy or girl and daddy isn't happy about it, so we need to let him, get happy." I say.

"Wait how is she having a baby? She's not married. Don't you like get babies only when you're married.

"Um, ask Ally and Louis..." Alex says.

"Are you two getting married?" Meeka asks.

I chuckle.

"Psh." Alex says.

"Well you know we have been together a long time..." I say.

"And I do really love you..." He says.

"I do want to spend the rest of my life with you..." He says.

"You'd be an amazing father." I say.

"And, you're parenting skills are of the charts." He says.

"You do have beautiful eyes."

"And you are the most beautiful girl ever..."

"And you're the cutest boy ever."

"Will you marry me?" He asks.

I look at him, "Um, can I think about it..." I ask.

"Yeah sure."

A very quiet ride the rest of the time.

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