Life As Louis Tomlinson's Daughter *Sequel to Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning**completed*

*Sequel to Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning and the sequel to Love Is In My DNA**conpleted* Anna Tomlinson never fit in, even if she is Louis' daughter. No one really liked her. She only wanted to be loved her whole life. Until she gets paired with someone for a baby project that will change her life forever.


2. Smiles And Laughs... And A Baby

Smiles And Laughs... And A Baby

Anna's POV

Once we get the baby I go to Alexander's house (since he kinda can't come to mine). I step into his house, really small compared to mine.

"Where's the game room? Or the movie room." I say... I've never really been to anyone's house before.

"Um, in my room I've got an Xbox and a Wii. And the family room has some movies." He says.

"I knew that. What kinda normal house has those things." I say fake laughing.

"Yeah... Want to go on a walk." I shrug.

"Sure." We start walking.

"So, I think we should name her Jamie." He said showing the baby. Jamie? Are you kidding?

"Um, pretty." I say through a fake smile.

"Yeah I really like it." I tuck my hair behind my ear.

"How about Ashton, since it is a boy."

"Jamie could be a boys name." I giggle and I shake my head.

"Not really. Not if you want that kid to get beat up a lot in high school." He laughs.

"Okay, Ashton is a cool name." We keep walking and talking and laughing.

Ashton started crying. I pull out his fake bottle and I feed him.

"Wow you're really good at this." Alexander says.

"Well, I have three siblings, and one of them I have to take care of a lot, she's only one."

Alexander's POV

"How old are the other ones?" I ask.

"Eleven, they're twins." Anna says. I look at her confused. That's like Louis Tomlinson's kids ages.

"Isn't that like the same as Louis' kids. One fifteen, two eleven, and one one year old."

She looks worried for a second then not, "I don't know. I guess it just happened. I think I would know if Louis freaking Tomlinson was my father and if Ally Tomlinson, the most famous model... Ever was my mom." I shrugs.

"It's kinda weird."

"So I'm weird." She say.

"Yeah... I like that about you." She smiles. We keep walking and talking about the baby, then about our brothers and sisters.

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