Life As Louis Tomlinson's Daughter *Sequel to Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning**completed*

*Sequel to Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning and the sequel to Love Is In My DNA**conpleted* Anna Tomlinson never fit in, even if she is Louis' daughter. No one really liked her. She only wanted to be loved her whole life. Until she gets paired with someone for a baby project that will change her life forever.


3. Bullies


I walk in the hallway. I cross my arms. I put my head down as the words of the hate are thrown at me. I bite my lip. I try to turn the words out but they're like deafening sounds.

I run into Alexander making the both of us drop all our books. I get down to help him pick up his book.

"I'm so sorry." I say gathering them up.

"No it's my fault." He says. We both reach for the same book and our hands touch. I swear I felt sparks fly. We look into each others eyes. We both pull away at the same time dropping the book. I run into the girls bathroom.

I start messing with my hair so if anyone were to walk in they wouldn't think I was hanging in the bathroom.

I walk out of the bathroom and Alexander was standing outside the bathroom.

"Alexander what are you doing?" I ask.

"I wanted to know if you're okay. Also I have to give you Ashton, it's kinda your turn." I nod and I take Ashton.

"Thanks." I say.

"Yeah." He starts to walk away then he turns around one last time, "Oh yeah, you can call me Alex." He turns back around and walks away.

I start walking and I get pushed against a locker. I slide against the wall to the ground as tears start to fill my eyes because how painful that was. I blink the tears away. I stand up and I shake off all the sadness and I walk to class. I sit down and Alexander I mean Alex sat next to me. I smile and wave. Another girl sits by him and he kisses her.

Ew... Once they were done sucking each other faces then I see who she is, Haley. Haley is the most popular girl in school. They start holding hands.

"You two dating?" I ask.

"Yeah." Haley says giving me a nasty look.

"Where's Ashton?" Alex asks.

"Right here." I say holding up the baby doll.

"He has your eyes." Haley says picking Ashton up.

"It's a doll." She looks at me with a fake smile.

"Yeah and this doll has the same eyes as my boyfriend." I roll my eyes.

"I know you're his girlfriend. Him and I are just friends." She rolls her eyes.

"Whatever." She kisses Alex.

After school is out Haley walks up to me.

She pushes me against the wall.

"Listen here and listen close, you have no chance with Alex." She says pinning me against the wall.

"Wow that's rude." I say. I'm not even struggling, she has no muscle, because the fact she starves herself.

"Yeah, it's kinda rude flirting with my boyfriend." She slaps me as hard as she can. It kinda hurt.

"Ouch that kinda hurt." I say.

"Well watch out next time you chose to flirt with someone's boyfriend." She starts to walk away in her mini skirt and high heels. Her shirt is strapless, why is she aloud to wear that to school but I wore red lipstick and they almost suspended me.

Tomorrow is my sweet 16, and my brother and sister has to be there, I don't want two twelve year old's there!

Then I start to walk home.

When I get home I walk into my room and Lila is in my makeup.

"Lila Paige Tomlinson!" She turns around and she's got all my make-up on... too much of it.

"Yeah?" She says. I grab her arm and I start pulling her into the bathroom, "Ouch arm Ouch arm." I let her go, "That was my arm!" She yells.

"God it's someone's time of the month." I say pulling out a rag and I start wiping her face.

"Yeah it is! But you wouldn't know what that's like, because your a weirdo."

"Yeah I don't have one so what?" I say rubbing her face harder with the rag.

"Ouch!" She smacks my arm, "It's weird! You're almost sixteen."

"So?" I start wiping her eyes.

"You need to see a doctor about it. I head mom and dad talking about it." I stop wiping her face and I run into my mom and dad's room and they're kissing.

"Stop trying to have another baby and listen." I push my hair back, "Is it weird I haven't started yet." Dad stands up.

"Okay I'm leaving, this is for you and your mom." Dad says.

"Okay bye Boo Bear." Mom said waving .

"See you later Sugar Plumb." Louis says smiling. He walks out of the room.

"Sweetie, you're only fifteen, it could still happen."

"Mom! I'm going to be sixteen tomorrow! Why would I have not started!?"

"Maybe you c-" She stops.

"What? Maybe I what?"

"Maybe you can't." Mom bites her lip. Dad comes running in and gives her a kiss and runs out. (A/N Lln I had to put that in there, humor from the second book xD)

"Mom if I don't start does that mean... I may not be able to have kids..."

"I don't think so. Want me me to take you to a doctor?"

"No I'm sure it's nothing." I walk out of her room.

Ally's POV

Louis walks back in and sits beside me.

"Hey Boo Bear..." I say laying down. Louis lays beside me and kisses my neck but I stop him.

"What's wrong?" He asks.

"I'm worried about Anna." I say sitting up. He rubs my shoulders.

"Ally, I'm sure it's nothing." Louis whispers.

"What if it is? What if she has something really wrong with her?"

"I'm sure nothing is wrong with her." Meeka walks into our room, she's two now and just too cute.

"Mommy I'm tired." Louis turns to me and kisses me one of his passionate kisses that usually always calm me down.

"I'll put her to bed." I nod. I bite my lip and he kisses me one last time.

Louis' POV

I lay her to bed and I walk past Anna's bedroom and I hear her crying, I knock on the door and open it.

"What?" She says putting her head on her pillow.

I sit beside her and I run my fingers through her long red hair.

"You okay?" I ask.

"No. I'm a freak." She says.

"No you're  not. You want to know why you're not?" She looks at me.


"Because, you are Anna Elizabeth Tomlinson. My daughter. I know Anna and she isn't this. Anna doesn't care about things like this, and recently you have... I want the old Anna back... I want my little girl back." I say wiping her tears.

"Well I"m sorry, she's gone."

"No she's not, she's just hiding." Anna hugs me and cries into my shoulder. I stand up and I wipe another tear off her cheek, "I just want you to be happy baby girl." I whisper.

"I just want to be normal."

"We'll never be normal."

"Why do you think I don't want anyone to know your my dad and mom is my mom, because I want to be a normal teenager."

"I know." I walk to her door, "Everything will be okay no matter what happens."


"Promise. I love you Anna."

"I love you too." I close the door and I go to check on William.

"Dad my chest hurts."

"Maybe it's your heart did you take your medicine for your heart?"


"William James how many times do I have to tell you to take your heart medicine!? You're going to kill yourself just like Justin. I can't have both my sons die!"

"I'm sorry dad..."

"No it's not! If you don't it'll r-" I felt someone pull my arm and pull me out of the room. It was Ally.

"Louis William Tomlinson, watch what you say to William." Ally snaps at me.

"I don't want him to die like Justin did."

"What happened to Justin wasn't anyone's fault. We didn't do anything wrong. I know your acting this way because your still feeling like it's your fault... It isn't. Don't be mean to William because you feel that way."

"Gosh your such a good mom."

"You're a good dad."

"Wanna be a mom again." I say winking.

"No way." I laugh.

"Good." We kiss. She breaks the kiss and pokes her head in William's room.

"Will, please take your me medicine."

"I just did mom when you and mom were talking." She smiles.


"Dad." William says.

I walk into his room, "Yeah Will?"

"What was Justin like?" I sigh and I sit beside him.

"I don't know, he died shortly after he died. But while he was alive he was... Happy." I pull out a picture of Justin I took before he died.

"This was him, I kinda carry it around. It like him being with me all the time."

"Is that me?" He asks pointing at a baby in the background, Ally was holding a baby.

"No that's Lila." I say smiling.

"Oh, she even looked like a boy when she was a baby" I chuckle.

"That isn't very nice, you all looked alike."

"How do you know I'm not Justin?" I look at him.

"I don't know if you can tell but Justin had one very blue eye and one is a dark blue."

"Wow." I smile.

"I have to go to bed."

"It's 5:30."

"I like sleeping." I walk into mine and Ally's room and I lay down. Ally lays beside me and we cuddle.

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