The Forbidden Things

This is the first book in the Alix Brown series. It will be about four books, i think.

Alix Brown is a witch and is starting Wizardite soon. Which is a school for Witches and Aphrodites.

Her first year at Wizardite is starting good, but gradually she starts to notice weird things is happening around her which is leading her into doing so much forbidden things. And she discovers that she is different from others.

Read to find out whats going to happen to Alix in her first year at Wizardite



2. Three tiny Aphrobitches

Over the trip to Wizardite I had gotten to know Nicolas. He had parents that were both magical and he had a little babysister at the age of 6. He even showed me a picture of her that he kept in his wallet.

She had nice blonde long hair, pale green eyes and looked alot like her brother. Nicolas was really hot. So all the other girls that sat in different rooms were walking by ours very often and giggling while staring at him.

He didn't seem to notice because he never even once turned around to look at them. I felt kinda happy that he chose to sit with me.

I felt the taxi land on something and looked out the window. I saw a big building with all the latest high tech things and the whole house were practically made out of glas.

I stared out the window with my mouth open. "Come on, let's go" I heard Nicolas say as he shook my shoulder lightly. I nodded and grabbed my bag.

Well outside it was already night. "Wow.." I said as I looked at the school. "Yeah, its really cool!" I heard Nico say beside me.

We noticed that all the students had begun to walk inside, so we followed them.

The inside wasn't at all like the outside, It was very old fashioned inside like the outside, the inside had lots of old paintings on the walls and like a 100 years old stairs but there was alot of modern technology things inside, there was a TV, Wii, Ps3, XBOX360 and three computers in the all dorms common room there everyone no matter what dorm you were in, you could go there and have fun.

In one corner some people were doing spells, in the other some were playing with their pets. Me and Nico just walked on by, following our group.

"I bet I'll go to Arkiri, both my parents went there so I'm guessing I will too." Nico said and looked down on me as we walked.

"I don't know, My father went to Ferox and my mother to Arkiri." I answered honestly and scratched my head.

"Wow! It's quiet un usual to hear about someone from Ferox and someone from Arkiri that got together and had a child, your parents are like 1 in a million" Nico said with a surprised expression.

"It is?" I asked confused. "Yeah, like everyone from Ferox hates the ones from Arkiri, why I don't know. It's just like a habit I guess." He said and stopped as the group infront of us stopped.

I accidentally walked in to the person that stopped infront of me. I fell back and groaned as my ass touched the ground with force. "Ouch.." I said and tried to stand up.

I saw a hand reach down to help me up. "Thank you" I said and brushed my fingers through my hair. "No problem." A unfamiliar voice said which caused me to look up to see who the person that helped was.

He was absolutely stunning, He had blonde brownish hair, blue eyes and the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. But his smile, it didn't seem real...

"I-um.." I started which strangely caused him to laugh, "I'm Blake Miless." He said and reached out his hand for me to shake. "I'm Alix Brown" I said and gladly shook his hand.

"Well Alix Brown, How about you and I get to know each other a bit more?" He said as he smirked and winked. I could hear someone sound like a pig behind me, I quickly turned around a saw a brownhaired girl that stared at me. I chuckled and turned to Blake again. "Well aren't you a straight on to things?" I said and raised one of my eyebrows. "Well thats the only way to get things done myself" He said.

I could feel a pair of eyes burn into my neck, I turned around and there stood three girls right behind me, the one in the middle had darkbrown hair, green/grey eyes. The one to her left had Black brown hair and light brown eyes, and the one to the right of her had black hair and brown eyes. They all were quiet scary but I didn't really care.

"Can I help you with something?" I asked them with a smirk and let go of Blake's hand.

"I was going to ask you the same." The one in the middle said. I raised my eyebrows.

"I'm London London." the girl in the middle said. I held in a chuckled as she continued to introduce them. I mean who names their kid to 'London London'.

"And this is Chasity Asys and Aurora Torelli" She said as she pointed out the one to her lfet as Chasity and the other one as Aurora. "I'm Alix Brown" I answered and smiled.

"I'm guessing you are from London?" I asked London. "Yes, I am. I also live in Isidoratown" She answered proudly. I had to hold in another laughter. I was only joking about the living in London thing, since her name is London.

"I live in Jebville" Chasity said as if I really cared. I could tell that they all were bitches that wanted you to join them or be 'bullied' the rest of your life. "Aha." I said and pretended to be surprised as I put up may hair into a bun.

"Me too." Aurora said. Aurora seemed like a innocent girl but I could feel it that when she got angry, she really got angry.

"I take it that you are an Aphrodite" London said to me with a smirk as she brushed away the hair that were in her face.

"Actually I'm a witch." I said and scratched my nose. "Oh. We are aphrodites." She said and slowly got closer and closer. From what I've heard about Aphrodites is that they like enchant their victim and slowly seduces them until they do what they want them to do.

I was assuming that she was doing that with me, and I swear it is because I was talking to Blake. "You know what I want you to do?" She asked me as she walked closer and threw back all of her hair.

I pretended to be in a trance and slowly walked towards her with a staring look. "I want you to walk away and never speak to Blake again." She whispered in my ear.

I stared at her to see if she really thought I worked on me. I slowly nodded and she smirked.

"But I think I like talking to Blake" I said 'even though he's a complete jerk' I thought to myself.

She looked surprised. "But you.. I-you.. You were in a trance" She mumbled.

"There there London. I'm sure It'll work next time." I said and walked back to Blake and Nico.

"What did they want?" Nico asked me and fixed my hair. "Oh nothing" I said and smiled at him.

"Wait you are friends with Nicolas Dean?" I heard Blake ask with disgust in his voice. "Yes, actually I am." I answered with a hint of annoyance in my voice and took a step toward him.

"Like for real? Haven't you heard about his family? They are all poor and they are intrested in all the wrong things" He said as if his family was the best. "Oh really. If you think so then maybe I shouldn't be friends with you, or even speak with you." I spat back. "Ey, Alix. It's okay." I heard Nico say as he put his hand on my shoulder. I shrugged it off. "No it's not okay. Look here Blake. I don't care about what peoples families have intrest in and how much money they have. If someone treats me with respect, I do it back. Either you deal with it or piss off." I said angry.

"Ehm Alix..." I heard Nico say. "What?" I asked him sounding angry. "Your hair... It turned red." He said and stared at my head.

"What?!" I said and put down my purse on the floor and quickly bent down to look for a mirror. When I finally found it, I opened it and looked at my hair.

And just as he said, My hair was red but slowly turning back to my own haircolor.

"What the f..." Was all I could say before a womans voice interupted me.

"Hello students! We are now going to sort you all into your dorms. Please stand in two lines. One with all the Women and one with all the Men. Now!" The woman that I assumed was Professor Serenity Ellis.

"See you later" Nico said and walked off to the Men's line. Blake pushed by me and I almost tripped over. "Damn stuckup shitbag" I mumbled to myself as I walked to the Women's line.


One by one we walked toward a big bowl with something in it that we were going to pull up and on the thing our dorm name stands and that dorm is the one you belong to.

After a girl called Tifa Payne it was finally my turn, I carefully walked up the stairs to the bowl. Professor Ellis stood beside it, she greeted me and told me to put down my hand in the bowl which contained some kinda gross thick water likey thing. I groaned and put down my hand.

I couldn't feel anything at first but then something went into my hand. I quickly grabbed it and pulled out my hand.

I got a towel to dry of my hand with and then I opened the thing, It was a round gold ball or something.

"Arkiri.." It said, I smiled to myself. "Well done Miss Brown. You will like it there." Professor Ellis said. I nodded and walked down the stairs to go sit by the Arkiri's table. Nico and the girl named Tifa was already there .

"Omg you got this dorm too!" Nico said happily and hugged me. "Yeah, It's really a relief since I don't know anyone but you" I laughed.

We sat down and I introduced myself to the peole that already went there. Then Tifa started talking to me. It was nice, I never had a girl friend before.


I finally update after a long time, I hope this long chapter make it up for the long wait.

So they have finally arrived at the school and Alix is already making enemies and friends. They have also been sorted to their dorms.

What did you think of Blake? Fiesty huh? What about London, Chasity and Aurora?

Let me know in the comments! I loooove reading comments *o* they make my day! x'D

Soo, I'll try to update soon again, It's just that I'm packing my things since I'm going to move in 1-2 weeks and I need to do that and that could make me update later. But I will try to update before I move!


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