The Forbidden Things

This is the first book in the Alix Brown series. It will be about four books, i think.

Alix Brown is a witch and is starting Wizardite soon. Which is a school for Witches and Aphrodites.

Her first year at Wizardite is starting good, but gradually she starts to notice weird things is happening around her which is leading her into doing so much forbidden things. And she discovers that she is different from others.

Read to find out whats going to happen to Alix in her first year at Wizardite



1. The Letter

I sat in my room staring out the window as usual. These days all I do is sit in my room, making things float in the room or out the window. I moved my finger up and down and chanted a spell "Natant in caeli" I whispered and my pillow below my feet started to float around in my room.

"ALIX!" My mom yelled from downstairs causing me to lose my focus and drop the pillow on the ground. "Coming mom!" I yelled back and jumped out of bed.

While running downstairs I put up my brown hair into a bun so it wouldn't get in my face all the time.

"Yes mom?" I said once I was downstairs, I looked at my mother she was a real beauty. She had emerald green eyes, the body of a model and black long hair with perfect curls.

"Alix, you got a letter. It's from Wizardite." She said with a big smile. My parents biggest wish was for me to attend Wizardite, Why? Because I'm a witch. So is my mother and father. I was born in a puredraíocht family, which means a pure magical family with no Nodraíocht blood in our family.

These days it's quiet usual with Nodraíocht blood in draíocht families. Some puredraócht families however does not accept to have any non magical blood in their family or have any in their world at all. If there is anything they hate it's nodraíocht.

I've never met anyone that hates nodraíocht's though.

I looked at my letter before opening it. It was a regular letter until I turned it around, it was a small dragon on the backside which was keeping the letter closed. I carefully removed it and held it in my hand. The best thing with these letters is that you get to keep whichever animal is keeping the letter close. You get it when it's little, and eventually it will grow.

"Wow, I got a freaking dragon!" I smiled and showed my mom the dragon I got. She looked shocked first but gave me a slight smile. Why was she shocked? I shook it off and decided to ask her later.

I opened the letter and started reading.

" Dear Alix Brown, daughter of Cassidy Brown and Damien Brown.

I'm happy to inform you that you have been accepted at Wizardite for Witche's and Aphrodite's. The semester starts August 19th 09:00am.

How to come here? Just take the draíochttaxi from Nassia magic store.

Things you need:

1 Summer school uniform, 1 Winter school uniform, Your dragon, Draíocht spell book 1 by Narissa Miller, Herbology book 1-2 by Lucius Xandar and some books other school books that caught your eye.

We hope to see you when the semester starts.

Professor Serenity Ellis & Professor Eramus Aldervon

I smiled and looked up on my mom. Her smile was so big now.

"CONGRATULATIONS MY ALIX" She said as ran up to hug me almost causing me to drop my dragon.

"Thanks mom! But why were you so shocked before when I got a dragon?" I asked with a frown on my face and held on to my dragon.

"Ehm.. Alix, getting a dragon is really rare. Only like 1 other people have recieved a dragon from the headmasters. And it often means you have a strong and good faith. Strong but .. i don't know the right word for it.. lets say scary." She said with a worried face.

"Those who receive a dragon can do great things. But they tend to fall at some point and do dark magic. I don't think that will happen to you because you are strong hearted" she continued with a small smile.

"Mom, no need to worry. I won't fall." I assured her with a smile. She smiled back and I heard how the front door were opened. "DAD!" I laughed and ran to him. I wanted him to see my letter.

"Hi love!, What you got there?" he asked and took my letter. "Is it what I think it is?" He said with a big smile. Me and mom nodded happily, I watched my dad as he read the letter.

My dad were also really handsome, He had dark brown hair, Blue grey eyes and also a body of a model. I turned toward the mirror that was on my right and stared at my reflection. I had brown middle long hair, green eyes and a normal body shape, nothing special. I was quiet fit even though I didn't excersise or anything.

"Congratulations! My daughter is going to Wizardite!" He laughed and lifted me up and started to spin me around, I had a tight grip around my dragon. He put me down and chuckled.

"By the way, Which animal did you get?" He asked me while dragging his fingers through his hair. I looked over at my mom she had that shocked look on her face again and I hesitated to say.

"Ehm. I got a dragon..." I answered with an unsure smile. Dad looked as shocked as mom did, I assumed he knew too. But his face became soft and asked to see the dragon. I showed him.

"What are you going to call it?" he asked suprisingly. "Ehm I hadn't thought about it. I think I will call him Caerwyn." I said and put him on my shoulder and started to walk up to my room.


I had been sitting and talking to Caerwyn for what seemed like forever. I thought about the school, What if I didn't fit in or don't get any friends and becomes a loner?! I shook my head to get myself stop thinking about it with made my hair all messy and hanging in my face.

"no, I gotta start packing." I said to myself and got out of bed and pulled out a purple travel bag from under the bed.

"Hm.. I'm gonna need a loads of underwear, A couple of jeans and t-shirts for the days of maybe? some makeup, towels, shoes." I mumbled as I started to pack my bag.

In the middle of the packing, my mom came in. "Oh, you're already packing." She laughed. "Are you excited?" "Yeah I am, And nervous." I answered and dragged my fingers through my hair and then let it fall down. Mom sat down on my bed beside Caerwyn and looked at me with her most mom like eyes. "There is nothing to be nervous about, You will have the time of your life!" She said with a calming hand on my shoulder. "I hope so" I answered and continued to pack.

*** NEXT DAY ***

It was time. I carried my bag downstairs with Caerwyn on my shoulder, He climbs on my from my head to my other shoulder and vice versa.

Mom and Dad were going to take me by car to Nassia magic store to make sure I got on the taxi save and sound.

"Hurry up Mom and Dad! I gotta be outside the shop by 08:00am!" I yelled to them. Both of them came running down the stairs and apologized for being so slow.

I carried out my bag and placed it in the car and then jumped in the car really excited. Caerwyn made a small noise, "Yeah, I'm excited too." I said with a smile when mom and dad jumped in the car and started driving.

The was about an half hour drive to the shop and when we were there, there was some other teens outside too. I got out of the car and went to grab my bag but my dad got it first, Caerwyn jumped and made noises on my shoulder, I took him in my hand and gave him a small kiss on his head.

He made a purr noise and then smiled. He jumped up on my shoulder as I took my bag. I walked over to the other teens outside the shop, they all had one bag each, some girls had alittle more though, but hey, they are girls. Well so am I too but I don't have more than one bag. However.

I put down my bag beside me and turned to my parents. My mom had tears in her eyes and a paper in her hand to dry away the tears.

"aw mom, Don't cry. i'll be fine! I'll write as soon as I'm there okay?" I said and gave her a promising hug, She hugged me back tightly and started crying harder. I let her go and turned to my dad. He smiled and gave me a hug. "I'm sure you will be a great witch and that you will do wonders. We'll see you on the holidays right?" He chuckled as he let go of me. I nodded and dried away my tears.

I heard a car make a very weird noise. I turned around and saw a small cab. Was that supposed to take all of us at the same time?! I stared at it with wide eyes as everyone started to climb aboard. I grabbed my bag and walked into it too. It was so big inside. Like a whole train! I looked around in suprise and sat down in a empty seat with a table and 3 more empty spots. I chanted "Natant in caeli" and let my bag float up to the shelf right above me.

Then I sat back and relaxed. I pulled out a cookie and put it on the table then I put Caerwyn beside it. "Eat, You look hungry" I smiled and stroke his back as he started to eat.

"Wow! You got a dragon?! I just got a cat" A unfamiliar voice said, I turned around and saw the most handsome guy I've ever seen. I just nodded. "That's so cool. Is it okay if I sit here?" He asked and I nodded as answer again, He chuckled and sat down. "I'm Nicolas Dean and you are?" He said and held out a hand waiting for me to shake it. I took it, "I'm Alix Brown." I answered with a smile.

"Nice to meet you" he smiled and slowly dragged his fingers through his blonde hair. "Nice to meet you too." I shyly said and played with my hair.

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