Is This Love?

When two people get together Alice Andrews feels what it is like to love and what is like to have their heart broken.


9. Trying to Escape

     After getting over the excitement of saying yes, I decided to get some sleep. What would my mom say about this? I was worried because I know she will absolutely hate it! She is going to be mad when I tell her.

I make it home and my mom is on the couch reading a book. "Hi mom!" I smile giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Well, you seem to be in a good mood, whats up?" she asks suspiciously. "Nothing." I answer back slowly. "What's going on?" my mom asks sternly. "Umm... oh did you hear that? I think my phone is ringing, got to take this." an I ran up stairs. I slammed the door shut to my room and locked it. I sighed in relief, I slipped my phone out of my pocket and texted Logan.

A- " Hey, did you tell your mom about us?"

L-" Yea, she said as long as she is pretty! And I said don't worry she is!"

A- " Awe, Thanks baby! I am not so sure if my mom will like the fact that I am dating someone."

L-" Don't worry! I am sure everything will turn out fine. I promise."

A- " Ok. I am going to go tell her. Talk to you later babe"


" Hey mom? Can I tell you something?"

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