Is This Love?

When two people get together Alice Andrews feels what it is like to love and what is like to have their heart broken.


8. My Decision

     I read trough the note 2 or 3 more times, thinking about the words over and over again. But what I didn't realize was that Logan was staring down the banister. I didn't know whether to say yes or no. Would he still like me if I said no? All of these different questions were stirring around in my head. I had no idea what to say. There was pros and cons to both answers, if I said yes, I get a boyfriend but have to worry about what my dad would say. If I say no I have nothing to worry about with my dad, but Logan might get mad and not want to be my friend anymore.

     After a long while of thinking I came to a conclusion, I was going to say yes! I forgot about everything with my dad and just concentrated on the pros of saying yes.

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