Is This Love?

When two people get together Alice Andrews feels what it is like to love and what is like to have their heart broken.


2. Lunch


     When the bell rang I got really excited. I met Logan at the empty lunch table. He was saving a seat for me. "Hey Logan." I say a bit more confident than this morning. "Hey Alice." he says very confidently. I tried to say I was sorry for this morning but he kept saying it was no big deal. I took out my sandwich and took a bite. What I didn't realize was that peanut butter on face. he didn't even say anything! I finally realized it and screamed at Logan " Logan! Why didn't you tell me there was peanut butter on my face?!" "Sorry! it was funny!" I finally just agreed with him and finished the rest of my peanut butter sandwich. he finished his ham and cheese sandwich. Then we talked for a little while longer. The next bell rang and Logan and I sprinted to our next class.

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