Being Me

Finding out Ashley isn’t Liam's kid, and that Liam loves her is the best thing that has ever happened to Gemma Daly. She’s been hiding out in her new home, Liam's apartment, from her clingy ex, Harry, since the tour ended. Sure enough, losing his girl to his bandmate is pretty tough for Harry, but how is Danielle? Where is she, and Ashley? ~Sequel to Being Danielle Peazer, please read that first so you understand the situation!


5. Starbucks!!!

We surfed through shops all around the cosy town, Perrie constantly checking the time and reminding us every five minutes that Danielle is still at work. Kristen finds different articles of clothing whilst I glance around frantically. I jump as someone touches my shoulder,

"Gemma what's up girl?" Perrie has retired from watching the time to speak to me. Concern is wrinkling her forehead, her hand remaining on my shoulder with a firm grip. I give a weak smile before glancing around again. Perrie rolls her eyes and follows my gaze; a hint of worry is evident in my voice when I reply,

"Pez what if someone recognises us?" She rolls her eyes again and chuckles.

"Gemma I don't think people hear even have an arena for the boys to perform in! And even if they do notice us and take pics, if the boys see they won't be fast enough to research why we're here." I pout and bite my lip, Perrie sighs and wraps a comforting arm around my shoulders and gives me a squeeze. Kristen gasps as Eleanor holds up a pink sparkly dress, I hear Eleanor squeal.

"Kristen this would be so cute on you!" Eleanor giggles as Kristen nods excitedly. Perrie glances at me and gestures at the girls going crazy. She then steps in with a voice of authority,

"Guys you do remember why we're here right?" Eleanor pouts and looks at Kristen who nods and bows her head guiltily. Perrie folds her arms across her chest and looks at them with a hint of sympathy.

"Look girls we can go shopping afterwards as we'll need an excuse for coming here but for now, we have a mission to complete." Perrie sounds positive as she reassures the girls; Kristen looks up with a glimmer of hope shining in her crystal blue eyes. Eleanor nods in return as Perrie glances at the screen of her iPhone, we all watch her as she looks up again. She grins and nods before Eleanor starts jumping up and down. We walk out the store and towards Starbucks.

"Plan A commences, now!" Perrie grins over at me; I give her the thumbs up as we walk towards it. The green sign of the cafe` comes into view, just as a crowd of screaming girls appear behind us. Perrie glances back at the sudden commotion; the girls suddenly get louder and start screaming our names.

"Perrie! El! Gemma! Gem! Eleanor! Kristen! Girls!" I try to ignore them as we all speed-walk towards Starbucks but they follow suit. We swing open the glass doors and take cover in a booth in the corner near the back. All of us sit in the booth panting wildly as the Starbucks staff recognises us and attempt to keep the fans at a safe distance. The booth is square so Eleanor- who's sitting beside me- and I can't see the fans or anyone who might approach us for that matter. Perrie claps her hands together and sighs,

"I don't know about you but that was crazy! Gosh I think one of the fans might have deafened me from all the screaming!" We all nod in agreement as Perrie fixes her hair which is slightly messed up after our encounter with the fans. I see Kristen is watching the fans behind us, for a second she smiles and waves at the fans but then she gasps loudly as her face turns white. I turn around in my seat and follow her gaze to two members of the staff who are closing the doors. I thought Kristen gasped at one of the fans until I watch more, one of the staff wipe their forehead and brush back their hair before turning around to find out who's the cause of all this commotion. Her eyes travel around the booth, glancing at every one of us until they land on me; her chocolate brown eyes are widened to a point where they might pop out. She freezes to the spot and watches me, just as she starts moving towards the cash point I hear Kristen whisper-shout,

"It’s her guys!"

The Starbucks staff probably recognised us as instead of us going up and ordering our drinks like people usually have to, they came down and took our orders. I guess we were all kind of hoping it would be Danielle who would serve us but she remained stationed at the till where customers were constantly ordering. A cute guy, about a year or two older than me approaches our table with a little white notebook and small pencil which looks tiny in his big muscular hands.

"Hey I'm Kevin and I'll be taking your orders today." He smiles kindly and starts at Perrie, who is sitting at the edge of the booth. He then proceeds around the table until he gets to me. Once Kevin is out of sight, all the girls turn on me worried. They all look at me with evident signs of worry, Eleanor speaks up softly.

"Gemma, how are you and Liam?" I lean back in my seat, taken back by her unexpected question,

"Eh fine, why?" My voice gives away uncertainty which in turn, Eleanor shares a knowing look with Perrie. Eleanor nods at Perrie, who looks up at me with some kind of emotion in her eyes,

"Look Gemma we have seen what's going on." Her voice has that level of authority that I now hate; I raise my eyebrows even though I fully understand what they're talking about.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Eleanor rolls her eyes and leans across the table to look me straight in the eyes,

"Cut the crap Gemma, we all know you and Liam have problems, every relationship does. Like it makes me so angry how Louis doesn't wear socks because at the end of the day, his feet stink but I deal with it." Kristen stops Eleanor by placing a hand on her arm; she gives her a look before turning to me.

"I think what Eleanor is trying to say is, it’s clear something is wrong. At the start, you two were love-sick puppies now ye barely speak to each other. What's with all these nights where Liam stays at one of the boys' while you sleep alone in his apartment every night?! You live together but he's never there! We went over for that sleepover to confirm our fears, Gemma what's happening? When was the last time Liam actually spent the night with you?" Kristen pauses to give me time to think, I know she's right. I have seen the signs too; I just pushed the horrible thoughts away because I thought I loved Liam so much. Harry gave me a chance to come back and I blew it, how could I be so stupid? The person I'm in love with has always been there and I never knew it.

It’s too late anyway, over the last two years I barely see Harry, and when I do he either glares at me and gives me dirty looks or he ignores me altogether. What I did was wrong and I know that but I genuinely thought I was in love with Liam.

Perrie continues as I nervously nibble on my nails.

"Gemma we noticed you and Harry were so in love, even though you may deny it, you guys were perfect. Even the fans preferred you and Harry; everyone can tell Gemma so stop kidding yourself. We can't make you end things but we hope our words will help." I suddenly stand up, my anger overpowering me. I glare at the girls and hiss,

"You're wrong! And even if you're right, how come you haven't said anything before?" A few of the fans take pictures and others are watching, clearly upset. Perrie looks at them before turning back to me with pleading eyes.

"Gemma we didn't say anything because we wanted to make sure we were right, but just please sit down and look at this." Perrie hands me her iPhone as I take my seat. My face falls as I look over the pictures of Liam with another girl.

I stare in horror at all the different situations. The photos aren't even taken on the same day as Liam and the girl are wearing different things. 

I sigh in defeat, the girls are right. Maybe Liam and I weren't made for each other like I thought. It was all just some twisted fairytale in my mind that I somehow thought was the perfect life. The truth is, Liam and Danielle were perfect for each other. Liam and I were made to be friends and we violated that, un- balancing nature and making a holy mess of it all in the process.  I should apologise to Harry and get out of everyone's way. I won't disappear like Danielle. When I say that I mean I won't leave the girls, without them I wouldn't know what to do and where to go. The girls sit quietly and wait for my reaction. A waitress returns with our drinks and places them on the table quietly without a sound. I see the person turn and make for the register when Eleanor gasps and calls out,

"Danielle! Wait!" The person stops walking and freezes, unsure of what to do next. We all watch in silence as the person turns around defeated. I lock gazes with the chocolate eyed girl and gasp. It is Danielle, her hair is a few shades lighter but I'd put that down to the sunny weather here. Her eyes and tan are still the same; her bump fully disappeared and replaced with her skinny self. She slowly walks over and looks at every one of us before folding her hands at her waist and replying,

"Hello girls."

Sorry sorry sorry guys!!! My granda got outta hospital but we have to mind him a lot and school is back and argh!!!! My birthday was the other day!!!:) but other than that I feel like pulling my hair out! There’s been so much drama lately between my friends I feel like my life is a movie or drama like Coronation Street!!! I'm done I have given up so whatever :p I just figured you guys were angry cus I have been MIA for so long!! You must think I'm Danielle by this point with the sudden disappearance!!! So sorry!!! Keep commenting, liking and faving!! Luv y’all xx

~Caoimhe xx

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