Being Me

Finding out Ashley isn’t Liam's kid, and that Liam loves her is the best thing that has ever happened to Gemma Daly. She’s been hiding out in her new home, Liam's apartment, from her clingy ex, Harry, since the tour ended. Sure enough, losing his girl to his bandmate is pretty tough for Harry, but how is Danielle? Where is she, and Ashley? ~Sequel to Being Danielle Peazer, please read that first so you understand the situation!


2. Sleepover!

Us four girls sit on Liam’s fancy couch for the rest of the evening and watch the movies the girls brought, consisting of many really scary movies. I admit, even I was quite shook after The Conjuring. Its actually pretty scary stuff, all of us were huddled together for the whole movie. After that, the girls agreed to stay the night. Perrie rang Zayn and Eleanor rang Louis but I didn’t see Kristen ring Niall, I shrug it off, she probably did but I was in the kitchen. Eleanor slots in another disc into Liam's overly expensive DVD player as we all snuggle up on the couch in front of the massive flat screen TV. Just as the opening credits scroll across the screen, Kristen’s phone rings loudly, playing the oh so familiar song,

You’re insecure, don’t know what for. You’re turnin’ heads when you walk through the . . .

Kristen blushes before gesturing to her phone,

“That’s our song . . .”

Eleanor sings along playfully as Kristen looks at the ID before picking up,

“Oh! Hi . . . yeah sorry! I'm at Gemma's, haha yeah well Gemma and Liam's I guess . . .” Kristen winks at me as she gestures to Eleanor to stop singing, Eleanor pouts but she can't stay mad at any one of us for long and next thing we know, she covering her mouth as she bursts into giggles. Kristen rolls her eyes playfully before turning her face towards the windows over-looking beautiful night-time London. Kristen attempts to bite back a smile but fails and starts giggling,

“No! Not tonight baby! Why you say, I'm at Gemma's! Okay okay I heard you, Gemma and Liam's . . .” I playfully hit her arm, she turns to me and nudges me before her face turns beetroot red,

“Niall! I'm hanging up now . . . bye! Oh hehe, I love you too!” Kristen pulls the phone away form her ear and hangs up just in time for all the girls to start a chorus of aw’s. It’s so cute how Niall checks up on Kristen like that. But instantly a pang of jealousy hits me, Liam never checks up on me and when I brought it up once, he said he assumed I was fine. I shake it off and return back to happy times, which is right now. I gently tug on Kristen's arm and whine happily,

“Oh my god Kristen! You guys have gotten to the big L word!” Kristen nods as her face turns back to red again, she turns back to the movie trying to avoid the conversation but Eleanor presses on,

“C’mon tell us more!” Perrie nods excitedly before smirking,

“C’mon c’mon . . .” She sings, mimicking the One Direction song. Eleanor gives her a high-five before they both turn back to Kristen, both wearing masks of expectance. Kristen shakes her head, still facing the TV and she replies,

“Nu-uh, not tonight girls . . .” Perrie and Eleanor's faces pout and droop instantly and remain like that until Kristen speaks up, wrapping an arm round all our shoulders and dragging us all into a group hug on the couch,

“cause’ this is a girls night for my girlies!” We all ruffle her hair before turning back to the movie, continuing to munch on all the tasty treats.

The next morning we all groan and moan with tiredness, dragging ourselves off the comfortable couches and comforters to get changed. I bring the girls upstairs to my walk in wardrobe that Liam gave me, even though I'm not Danielle's stunt double anymore; I still get new clothes from Liam. I can go outside whenever I want now because in these last two years, people haven’t really been concentrating on Danielle as she's not with Liam Payne anymore. And also because I dyed my hair a lighter shade, its not fully blonde but close enough just a little darker. Almost a honey colour I guess, Directioners often ask me if I'm Danielle but I refuse, because I'm Gemma. It’s just more of a problem when I go out with the girls but Management sorted out that I should act as Danielle with the girls. It didn’t really work out though, this was before I dyed my hair and it was the same shade as Danielle's. Upon the failure of that plan, they agreed on my wishes for a lighter hair colour and they told me I need to wear contacts when out with the girls. So now when I'm out with the girls, I'm a green-eyed blonde girl who looks nothing like Danielle Peazer and has her own life. Ever since dying my hair-which was only early this year-, I get to go public with Liam as his new girlfriend. I'm even allowed to use my real name, Gemma Daly.

After we went public, which was like six months ago, my parents called demanding to know what this fling meant. Upon their unexpected phone call, they wanted me to go home for a visit. Over the last few months, I have been using excuse after excuse to not go over but after telling the girls last night, they demanded I go over and see her that I won’t be able to call it off forever or my mother may take things into her own hands and visit me. And that wouldn’t be too hard considering you could just look it up on Google and you’d be able to find where I am right now and what our apartment looks like on the inside as well as out. That’s how good people are at stalking.

Anyways, back to present. I have to live by nearly all the same rules as I did before, no wearing the same clothes twice as well as many others.

I hand Perrie a tight-fitting cut away bubblegum pink skirt that I hope is along the lines of her fashion as she assures me she’ll wear her black leather bra top from yesterday. She had it covered by a jacket so the paps won’t notice; I swap her old jacket for my rugged H&M blue denim jacket. Perrie thanks me repeatedly as she casually rolls up the sleeves of the denim shirt. I swap her rugged boots from yesterday with a pair of flat, black, strapped leather sandals for the warm weather. I hand her a pair of simple black sunglasses for the paps, their camera flashes can be quite blinding when you’re tired or hung over.

I give Eleanor a beige cashmere baggy jumper matched with a pair of blue and white floral cotton shorts. I hand her brown leather buckle boots, a big change from her extravagance of extremely high heels yesterday which gave her multiple sore-looking blisters on her feet. Eleanor decides to just dump her jewellery from yesterday in my wardrobe. She sits down on the edge of Liam and I’s massive king sized bed as she slips on the boots I handed her, she sighs heavily as she massages her painful feet. I hand her a cream leather quilted gold chain bag to make her outfit look less plain.

I give Kristen a hot pink sleeveless loose button up blouse with a pair of white skinny jeans and a pair of ivory lace embellished high sandals. Kristen jumps up and down before squeezing me in a tight hug and thanking me over and over.

Even thought the girls’ outfits were pretty simple, they all pulled them off. I swear, sometimes I can't control my jealousy over them; Perrie has her extraordinary hair colour and her beautiful smile along with her beautiful personality, Eleanor is just so sweet and kind on the inside and out and Kristen is so pretty with her light brown hair and her shining blue eyes, and seriously?! She eats so much like Niall but she's skinny! I wanna know her secrets, like its amazing how close we all have gotten to Kristen; she's like family to us now. Niall and her are still going strong; even the fandom came up with a cute name for them, Kiall. Its so cute how the Directioners accept Kristen, well of course there’s haters but Kristen ignores them and stays strong, I'm proud of her. Between all the drama she has stuck by and been the bestest friend a girl could have, I don’t know how to repay her! I walk back into my wardrobe while all the other girls change in the bathrooms around the house.

I pick a black pleated leather mini skirt and a short tank top saying ‘Maybe I’m a Mermaid’. I pull the skirt up so it covers up the exposed skin that the tank top doesn't cover. I slip on black strapped suede wedges, I have to use the support of the bed so I don’t fall over, they’re really high! I shrug on a blue denim jacket that has sleeves, it’s a bit chilly and I have a feeling that if I don’t wear a coat, I will be an ice-cube by the end of the day. My denim jacket is similar to Perrie's but the one I gave to her is slightly washed-it’s the design-and a paler shade whereas mine is tighter and is a deeper shade of blue. I pick up a pastel pink satchel bag and shove my keys, iPhone and makeup into it before slinging it over my shoulder and calling out for the girls. Just as I'm out the bedroom door, I quickly grab one of my perfume bottles and spray myself before running down the stairs.

I find Kristen in the kitchen picking at our fridge-as expected- I find Perrie in the second bathroom on the third floor staring at her reflection intently, I walk up slowly and place my hand on her shoulder, startling her.

“You okay Pez?” Perrie draws in a trembling breath before nodding her head and regaining her full composure. I follow her downstairs, I call out to Eleanor.

“In here!” I follow her voice to find Eleanor sitting in one of our spare rooms, her fingers dancing on the touch-screen of her iPhone. She taps a few more buttons before locking her phone and shoving it in the chain bag I gave her; she smiles bravely before jumping up and walking over to me. The boots I gave her make light noises on the hardwood of the bedroom floor, she envelopes me in a tight hug before pulling back but not fully. She sniffs the air for a minute before smiling,

“What perfume are you wearing its gorgeous!” She grins and pulls me into another hug, burying her head in my jacket where I sprayed the perfume. I chuckle but pull back and try to act mad, folding my arms sternly,

“Eleanor Jane Calder! I can't believe you don’t recognise it!” Eleanor frowns for a second before pulling in for another sniff, her face crumples before recognition spreads across her delicate features,

“Our Moment!” I nod and laugh along with her, she continues to smell me.

“But it . . . just smells so good on you!” I laugh uneasily and pull back before she passes out with perfume fumes, I grab her hand and steer her towards the stairs and down to the girls. We all gather up and try to form a plan for when we go outside. The minute we step outside, we’re swamped by paps. I grab Eleanor’s hand as Perrie grabs Kristen. We fight our way to my car, a red Mini. It may be a small car but it’s a good one and I have always wanted one since I was a little girl. I get into the driver’s seat with Eleanor frantically fixing her hair in the passenger seat next to me. Perrie and Kristen are in the back, panting and staring out at all the paps and fans. They both grin and wave, Eleanor keeps fixing her hair and I forcefully push the keys into the ignition and start the car before pulling out and onto the road. I hit the gas and speed off on the highway in the opposite direction of town, the girls and I are on a mission, and we aren’t gonna stop til we get what we want back.

Hey guys! So excited on this! Aah! I have big plans for this story! So comment where ye think the gals are headin?? Keep up the comments!!!! Thanks xox :)

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