Being Me

Finding out Ashley isn’t Liam's kid, and that Liam loves her is the best thing that has ever happened to Gemma Daly. She’s been hiding out in her new home, Liam's apartment, from her clingy ex, Harry, since the tour ended. Sure enough, losing his girl to his bandmate is pretty tough for Harry, but how is Danielle? Where is she, and Ashley? ~Sequel to Being Danielle Peazer, please read that first so you understand the situation!


8. Problems Sorted

Liam glances at Harry before turning to me with a wry smile, “Sure.” I smile and give him a hug before Liam walks to the door to say goodbye. I walk into the kitchen and seat myself in one of the tall barstools; this isn’t going to be easy. It’s not very often that I deal with Liam staying the night; our relationship has grown relatively sour. I hear the front door click and Liam's footsteps approaching the kitchen; he flicks on the kettle and stand facing me.

“So where were you today?” His brown eyes bore into mine, mesmerizing me. He just has that control over me, from day one he has had this pull on me like an invisible magnetic force, I avoid his stare as the kettle boils, I jump out of my seat and begin to make myself a cup of tea, if I drink anymore coffee I will be bouncing off the walls with my nerves, they’re already sensitive with Liam's presence. He steps around my seat and stands behind me, pressing his body against mine and wrapping his big hands around my tiny wrists, disallowing any free movements on my behalf. I sigh heavily and stand there in silence. All that can be heard is our jagged breathing; Liam's hot breath on my ear sends shivers down my body. I turn my head sideways to get a glimpse of him; his brown eyes are staring down at me in curiosity with a hint of anger.

“Gemma you can't hide this from me forever, and it’s obviously a big deal if you’re being so quiet.” His words drive me over the edge, its official, I officially snap.

“You know what Liam?! Maybe I'm allowed to make a big deal out of things! Considering its me that’s house-sitting your apartment when you refuse to stay the night here with your GIRLFRIEND! How do you think that makes me feel?! Did you ever consider how stupid I look?!” I’m shouting so loud people miles away could probably hear but I still continue nether less,

“I look PATHETIC! I feel it too! What the hell is up with us!? Why are you so afraid of this relationship?! Because it looks pretty damn crappy that you never even stay here anymore when this is your apartment and it was YOU who begged me to move in here!” Liam sighs heavily and leans against the counter for support, I take a big gulp of air I badly needed after that long ramble. He nods and rubs his face for a second before coming closer to me and wrapping his arms around me,

“You really want to know why?” His voice is calm and collected as if he were talking about the weather; I nod and bite my trembling lip to prevent me from bursting into tears.

“The problem is with me, I'm…” He pauses briefly but continues, “I’m afraid to get serious with someone again, after well…….you know. After that it just seems like it could happen with anyone, and don’t get me wrong I know you would never do that but I never thought she would and look what happened. One night I was gone away from her and that happened, one night created something that ruined our whole relationship that was getting pretty serious.” I frown; I glance at Liam who’s staring at ground intently. I tilt his chin up forcing him to look into my eyes,

“Liam I get where you’re coming from but you should have spoken to me about it instead of hiding your feelings, I thought this would be the end of us.”

“I’m sorry Gemma, how can I make it up to you so things will be right again? It was a pretty selfish move but I feel much better now that we have talked about it.” I smile and peck him on the nose,

“You can make it all so much better if you just promise it won’t happen again. Promise that you will talk to me and we will sort things out, k?” He nods and holds up his pinkie finger, I giggle at the gesture and brings mine to lock with his.

After sitting on the kitchen floor for hours talking about our relationship and patching everything up, we help each other up and decide to make plans. I change my clothes into casual but smart while Liam heats the car and gets his wallet and stuff. I slip on a button up denim shirt and tuck it into a cute cream high-waisted skirt that is completed with a simple thin gold belt. I slip on a flowery pair of ballet flats and grab a brown leather bag, I slip on a pair of nerd glasses and ruffle my hair, I leave it down in natural waves and I reapply my simple makeup before meeting Liam at the door.


We may only be going shopping for treats and a movie but Directioners are everywhere and I always want to look perfect because they always take like 100 pics each. It’s just a habit I picked up when I was working as Danielle's stunt double.

Liam drives us to a pretty big supermarket and pulls into a parking space near the door. It’s a lovely evening and the sun is still out, the air thick with humidity. Liam and I walk alongside each other inside the store, our hands linked. We are both carrying a basket each as we agreed to buy loads of sweets and such for our movie night in. We’re both pretty excited for such simple plans but I guess it’s been awhile since we sorted our problems out. We finish up at the checkout and we are greeted by screaming girls and camera flashes the second we step outside. I am actually surprised we lasted that long undetected.

Liam interlinks his arm with mine and guides me to the car, I glance up at him the second he glances down at me, and we both smile and peck each other on the lips. We aren’t even aware of the flashes going off around us, we don’t care either. It’s just Liam and I right now. He opens my door for me and I hop in quickly.

We just about made it back in one piece, Liam has to sign a few bits here and there and even some fans begged for e to join their pictures so I had to get out of the car, even after the diversion we still had plenty of time to check out a movie store down the street. Liam and I decided to pick one movie each and we would watch both of them, I picked The Vow and he picked Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It really shocked me he didn’t pick Toy Story but then it dawned on me that we have that on DVD at home. The Vow is one of my favourite movies of all time, besides Transformers and Grease. We dump all seven bags of our sweets on the couch and cuddle up at the other end with a blanket. Liam lights the fire and sets up The Vow as I make myself comfortable. I cry for about three quarters of the movie, it just makes me really sad how Rachel Mc Adams can’t remember Channing Tatum being her husband.

My eyes feel extremely heavy when Liam changes the movie to Transformers, which is quite strange because usually I would be on the edge of my seat for that, besides the fact I have seen it like a billion times. Bumblebee is my favourite transformer, then I love Optimus Prime, he's a cool guy. I drift off to sleep on the couch laying against Liam with my head on his chest…nothing could be better than this.


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