Being Me

Finding out Ashley isn’t Liam's kid, and that Liam loves her is the best thing that has ever happened to Gemma Daly. She’s been hiding out in her new home, Liam's apartment, from her clingy ex, Harry, since the tour ended. Sure enough, losing his girl to his bandmate is pretty tough for Harry, but how is Danielle? Where is she, and Ashley? ~Sequel to Being Danielle Peazer, please read that first so you understand the situation!


7. Preschool and Problems

Danielle pulls up outside a cute little playschool near the center of the town. Kids are already piling out the red-painted doors as Danielle hops out. She quickly gets inside and comes out a few minutes later, hand in hand with a small blond headed girl with eyes so blue and shining like diamonds. Danielle swings open the back door to the car and winces at us, luckily Eleanor sat in the passenger seat so she has nothing to worry about. Danielle looks at me sweetly and speaks in a kind voice dripping with sugar,

"Gemma I didn't really think this through but would you mind sitting on Perrie's lap?" I glance at Perrie as my face goes a flaming shade of red, Perrie nods as I stumble over the seats and sit awkwardly in her lap. Pez bursts out laughing at my awkwardness as Eleanor and Kristen join in. Danielle smiles and quickly pulls a pink car-seat for the little girl. The little girl giggles as Danielle fastens her to her little car-seat. Perrie and I are sitting at the middle so we insect the little girl, her blond hair is golden and shining in the sunlight giving her an angelic look, her eyes are as blue and shining as sapphires. They're so mesmerizing that I stare into them, she watches me as her little pink lips curl into a friendly smile. She inspects me further until her eyes widen and are practically bulging out of her small little head. Her mouth falls open into a perfect 'O' shape, she closes it again and speaks with her cute little childish voice.

"Y-you look jwust like Mommy! Are you her sister?" I laugh at how excited she is, her little lisp adorable. She glares annoyingly at a stray blond curl and impatiently tucks it behind her ear, her impatience making her even cuter. I smile at her as Danielle pulls out and drives us home, Danielle chuckles and meets my gaze in the mirror. "No sweetie this is Gemma, my good friend." I look back at Ashley who nods at her mum and sticks her hand out for me to shake, "Hi Gemma! My name is Ashley! I can spell my name you know! A-S-H-L-E-Y! See! Did you hear that mommy?" We all laugh at her excitement over spelling her name, Danielle laughs and replies. "Yes baby, my friends are impressed!" Ashley pouts and wrinkles her forehead, "What does dwat mean mommy?" Danielle laughs and shakes her head before pulling up outside her place.

We all hop out, Ashley running up ahead of us to get there first. Once up in the flat, Ashley plops herself down on the carpet and pouts, “What’s wrong sweetie?” Kristen sits cross-legged beside her as Perrie gives her blond hair a ruffle. “I want sweeties!” She folds her arms and looks up at Danielle with pleading eyes. Danielle laughs and walks to the kitchen, replying over her shoulder, “Just today honey because we’re celebrating!” Ashley claps her hands and gives Kristen a little hug. Kristen’s cheeks turn pink as she begins chatting with Ashley.

“Do you wanna see my toys?” Ashley is beaming with excitement as she suddenly stands up and rushes off in the direction of a pink and white door. She swings the door open to a medium sized bedroom with bright pink walls, several colourful animals and Barbies are painted on the walls. I gasp at the beautiful decorations, “Yeah they’re pretty amazing aren’t they?” I jump at the sound of Danielle’s voice right behind me. She’s standing in the doorway with her arms crossed; she smiles with a faraway look in her eyes as if she’s remembering something. Suddenly her features twist and tears form in her eyes, she quickly snatches them away with her thumb and ruffles her hair. She turns slowly and glances back one more time at the room before exiting. Ashley continues to pull out drawers of toys and plays around with them; I glance back at the empty doorway for a minute before joining Ashley on the floor.

“Bye guys! It was great having ye over! Ashley loves you especially Gemma! Must be the resemblance.” Danielle winks at me as she squeezes each of us in a tight embrace. I hand her a crumpled piece of paper, “Here’s my number, Danielle I really want to stay in touch with you. We all miss you so much so please, ring whenever.” We all part and hop back in the car. I drop all of the girls off at their places and make the journey back to Liam’s.

I carefully unlock the door to Liam’s apartment; I’m a bit resistant to call it ours after my conversation with the girls. I guess the girls were right, I always noticed little things or flaws but I always pushed them aside and told myself I’m being paranoid or hallucinating. I hear the lock on the other side click and I begin to turn the doorknob slowly. Quietly praying in my head that Liam didn’t come home. Now I realise how much I have changed since the talk earlier, every other day I used to wish Liam came home but now I’m here wishing he didn’t. Part of me wants him to stay away so I don’t have to confront him right now but another part of me wants that so I can scream at him for being such a jerk. I was so gullible and optimistic; hanging onto Liam’s every word. Now that I rethink our relationship, I sound pretty darn clingy. I silently enter the flat, just as I’m through the threshold I hear voices coming from the kitchen. I drop the dozens of shopping bags by the door and slowly inch my way towards the stairs. Halfway up the stairs I am completely unnoticed so I take a seat on a step and listen closely to the voices drifting from the crack in the kitchen door.

“Honestly Liam…” I cringe, that’s Harry he is with. I guess Liam must have stayed at Harry’s last night, as long as it was anywhere but here. I direct my attention from my thoughts back to the hum of voices,

“I don’t understand why you trust her at all? What is she does to you what she did to me? What’s stopping her?” I feel my face fall as my heart plunges into my stomach. Liam’s gruff voice can be heard next,

“I never said I trust her.” I cringe yet again as his words hit home. That definitely hit a nerve; I squeeze my eyes shut in an attempt to hold back tears. Harry lets out a cold humourless laugh,

“Hah! Liam you sure about that? She certainly has a way with men; can’t you see what she has done to me?” I feel a cold tear run down my cheek, so much for holding back the tears. I sense the coppery taste of blood on my tongue; I immediately release my bottom lip from the painful grip between my teeth. I touch the sensitive spot on my lip where I drew blood.

“Look Liam, I’m just saying you guys need to talk. As much as you’d love to, you can’t run away from her forever. Face the music or enjoy a loveless relationship my friend.” I hear a quiet thud as if Harry’s hand has hit Liam on the back. Their voices draw nearer as I realise they’re leaving the kitchen. I quickly climb up the stairs without a sound and stand on the landing out of sight. Their voices can still be heard drifting closer towards the sitting-room door which is right beside the front door, and my shopping bags! Crap! I should have hidden those so they know I’m not home! Harry and Liam abruptly stop talking, I peek my head in a narrow gap between the first stair and the ceiling. Harry’s back is facing me so I get a perfect view of his gorgeous curls intact and his ravishing designer clothes. Liam and Harry stand there in silence, staring at my shopping bags for an eternity before glancing around everywhere for any sign. They won’t be able to see me from where I’m standing as the gap is so small you can only see my eye and my dark brown eyes will just look like a shadow. Harry glances up the stairs briefly before sharing a scared look with Liam. He shrugs and takes a deep breath before calling loudly,

“Gemma you there?!” I’d say someone fifty miles away would have heard him. I wipe away any stray tears from my face and fix my hair before stepping into view. I catch Harry’s eyes widening the way they used to when we were dating for a millisecond before they narrow to slits. His perfect face is still beautiful as he scowls at me; Liam shoots him a look before folding his arms and replying with no emotion at all.

“When did you get home?” He watches my every move as I make my way down the stairs.

“Just now, why?” I glare at him from under my long eyelashes. Harry turns to me with a cold glare in his blazing emerald eyes. I glare back but then recede when I realise it’s me who left him. Harry stands with his arms crossed over his chest and his legs apart. I return Liam’s gaze with an innocent expression, I’m going to play this like a fox, coy and sly. He’s gonna regret he ever played with me. I wrap an arm around Liam’s shoulders and look at him seductively beneath my eyelashes, “So Liam, are you gonna stay the night?”

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