Being Me

Finding out Ashley isn’t Liam's kid, and that Liam loves her is the best thing that has ever happened to Gemma Daly. She’s been hiding out in her new home, Liam's apartment, from her clingy ex, Harry, since the tour ended. Sure enough, losing his girl to his bandmate is pretty tough for Harry, but how is Danielle? Where is she, and Ashley? ~Sequel to Being Danielle Peazer, please read that first so you understand the situation!


1. Prologue

Okay so where to start? I’m Gemma Daly, as you all know, and I am proud to say that I'm my own person. I don’t need to act for Danielle in public anymore, mainly because Liam and Danielle split. In early May of 2013, it was announced and official. Mainly because as you all know, Danielle's daughter (which no-one knows about) is not Liam's child. In mere fact, its actually one of Danielle's close friends. Before I can stop it, my mind switches off and replays that afternoon Danielle told me.


I leave Liam's hotel room, after yesterday’s heated make-out in the elevator and him confessing he loves me, we brought it back to his room. Making my way out and down the corridor is definitely going to be tricky but so is life. I casually stroll down the halls in yesterday’s outfit, I walk around the hotel for awhile before realising I should probably do something, I unlock my iPhone and dial Eleanor's number,

“Ello?”  She picks up on the second ring, her casual sing-song voice thankfully cheerful as usual. I breathe a sigh of relief before launching straight into conversation,

“Listen El, what happened after I left yesterday?” I hear Eleanor laugh happily and reply just as happy,

“Oh! Hey Gemma! Oh um, well Danielle wouldn’t talk, she just kept crying so I went over to see if Ashley was alright and then . . .” I hear a gasp at the other end and from what it sounds, Eleanor has just remembered something terrible, her voice is unsteady and her breath comes in quick pants,

“And I-I walk over and, and um well I picked Ashley up and t-tried to c-c-calm her d-d-d-down but she k-kept crying so I looked at her face and saw her eyes and then I looked at her hair and Gemma! What did she do?! Ashley's eyes are blue! And her hair is blond!” Eleanor's voice breaks down near the end and I wish I was beside her, wherever she is to calm her down, I take a deep breath and attempt to calm her,

“It’s ok Eleanor we’ll figure something out; did she say anything at all?” Eleanor snuffles at the other end, not as if she’s crying but as if someone just insulted her, her voice is slightly more together as she replies,

“Oh yes, when we were leaving she told me to tell you to meet her today in her room, she was kept over last night as well because they thought she was unstable. You better go because she’s being discharged at twelve.” Eleanor hangs up, concluding our conversation. I glance at the time, crap! I have just under half an hour to get to the hospital. I race through the rest of the hotel and hail a cab outside, jumping in before the taxi has even fully stopped. Skip the car ride and there we are, pulling up to the hospital, I thrust a fifty at the cab driver before jumping out and not bothering to wait for my change. I see the cab guy shrug and drive away, I run into the hospital’s main entrance; I glance up at the big clock and gasp, its ten minutes to twelve. I search the main entrance for any sign of a head of curls but fail; I sigh in defeat and slump in one of the hospital’s cold plastic chairs. The man beside me grumbles, half asleep. I sneak a quick peek at the person the other side of me to spot the familiar head of curls, I sit up and tap the person on the shoulder, and they glance up in surprise,

“Gemma? Omg its you! I'm so sorry I thought you’d hate me forever! I’m so sorry about everything, it was just one night!” I glance down at Ashley in her arms, sleeping peacefully like there’s nothing wrong. I look up to meet Danielle's worried gaze,

“How is he?” I don’t even have to ask to know who she’s talking about, I shrug casually and ignore the guilt knotting my stomach,

“Bad, what did you do Danielle?” She sighs and turns away from me, looking at the sliding doors of the hospital, she turns back for a brief moment,

“I’ll explain later, you coming?” I nod and jump out of my seat and she slowly rises, careful not to wake her newborn. A blond guy walks over to us and kisses Danielle softly on her forehead before grabbing her bags and draping a lazy arm round her shoulders,

“C’mon babe,” he starts, “I parked out front so you don’t have to walk far.” His face plastered with a cheesy grin, as if he’s suddenly god or something.

Danielle thanks him before turning and gesturing her hand to me,

“Oh! Almost forgot, silly me hehe. Liam, this is Gemma, Gemma this is Liam.” Suddenly a hundred and one questions pop into my mind, is he the father? Among many other serious questions, I seriously need to sit Danielle down and try to make sense of all of this. I seriously can't believe this time about nine months ago we were all happy and laughing, enjoying the tour to its fullest. Hah! Now look at us, I don’t think anyone of us are happy now, with the exception of: Zayn and Perrie, Niall and Kristen and Eleanor and Louis. They’re all very happy because the tour is up and they can spend time together doing things loved up couples can do. This Liam guy extends his hand to me graciously; I watch his hand for a millisecond before stretching mine out lazily and shaking his, my eyes wander up his arm and to his face. His features are definitely handsome and very refined, I meet his gaze and suddenly-as if a current of electricity runs through me- I drop his hand and gasp, taking a step away from him. He frowns but shrugs and grins lazily before turning back to Danielle and leading the way.

As I hop into the backseat of Danielle’s friend’s fancy Land Rover, my mind drifts off to thoughts of what the hell I am going to do. Liam and I have discussed many things this morning but I don’t know if having a serious relationship with Liam will work, especially with the fact that Danielle and I are unrelated twins. Liam was serious about these things which confused me more, the way he came about it was like as if he has been thinking about it for ages. I shake my head and dare to stop thinking childish thoughts and focus on where Liam is bringing us. Danielle and Liam probably won’t make it through this obstacle in their relationship and it looks like Danielle has already moved on. I look out the window as I let my mind drift elsewhere, I’m gonna have to get a job now that this whole thing is over. This is a serious mess and I never had a backup plan from this job, I just thought it would go well. God, how could I be so gullible and innocent-minded?

Liam pulls up outside a fancy-looking block of flats and hops out, opening both Danielle’s door and mine. I thank him quietly as we both hop out; he grabs the bags before bounding up one of the many stone paths to a heavy glass door. I see him punch in the code into the keypad and the light on the door flashes green, accompanied by a high-pitched beeping noise. He catches my staring gaze and grins sheepishly,

“Security measures.” He shrugs casually before pushing the door open and holding it politely, Danielle walks in ahead of me and takes off for the elevator like it’s her own home. Well I'm guessing she’s been here before. Liam smiles at me kindly as I walk through, he closes the door gently so it doesn't bang and follows me to the elevator where Danielle is patiently holding it for us. She smiles at Liam as her fingers dance over the control panel of the elevator, her finger runs over a button before she hits it and turns back around to face Liam. She grins mischievously as he chuckles seductively, oh god not now! I turn away from them to my reflection in the mirror of the elevator; my face is worn and tired like I’ve been holding the weight of the world on my shoulders. The elevator bings and the heavy metal doors slowly slide open to reveal a fancy corridor. Liam guides us down the hall and up to a door where he pulls out a set of keys and opens it. He leaves the bags in the main room and stalks off to the kitchen where he announces he’s making tea. Danielle sits me down on a cream coloured couch and takes a deep breath,

“Okay here goes . . . one night, when Liam-my ex- was performing at a concert I got an unexpected call from the studio for an upcoming routine and possible gig so I left and took a taxi to the studio. Liam. . .” she uses her thumb to beckon towards the kitchen,

“That’s Liam Luniss, we’ve been dancing together for years. He was there and we were partnered together fro this act and afterwards, when we didn’t get the part, we consoled each other. We went for drinks and one thing led to another . . .” Danielle didn’t need to say anymore, the image of Liam’s crystal blue eyes from earlier was enough to explain that he is the father. I shiver just as Liam comes out holding a cup of tea in each hand, another tucked under his left arm. I stand up and put on my best fake smile,

“Thanks Liam but I wont be needing that, I was just leaving.” I stand up and nod before walking over to the door, justifying that Danielle has given up on her and Liam Payne, I leave.

That was the last time I saw Danielle.

It’s been two years since I have met her in person and I can't say I don’t miss her. It’s horrible that I don’t even know where she is, a few times I thought of going to Liam Luniss’ flat but I never dared. Then one day, I thought I should make contact with Dani and see how she’s getting on with Ashley but when I dropped by, the flat was rented out to some other young couple. When I inquired about the previous owners, they just shrugged and said they wanted to keep it confidential. So in other words, Danielle and her new Liam ran off towards the sunset and made a new life for themselves somewhere else. Isn’t it great for some, whereas I’m here, stuck with a clingy ex and a love who insists that I'm beautiful and should stop worrying. I blink, startled by the sudden knocking on my door, I shake myself from my flashbacks and previous thoughts. I stumble over to the door of Liam Payne’s flat and swing open the door to be greeted by a cheerful Eleanor, Kristen and Perrie holding popcorn, movies and sweets. I grin and let them in; I'm in for a hell of a night!

Yayyy!!! Sequel guys!!! Hope ye like it and I'm not really sure which cover I should use so I'm gonna let you all vote!!

Um I can't choose between these two covers so ill let you guys decide!!! So here goes:



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