I Believe in Me.

For the 'Self Belief' competition. This contains a poem and a piece of written word. Enjoy :)


1. I Believe in Me.

I stand before you, 
not a girl, 
not a teen, 
but a person
with ideas and thoughts
and a voice to be heard.
I can stand tall, 
I can be proud, 
I can be better,
I can be the best. 
'Better than the rest' they say, 
I'd be that,
one day, 
or not. 
Stand in my way
and I'll avoid it, 
I'm not the best
when it comes to the rest. 
I can overcome
friend's depression, 
but confront me,
I'll cower,
You'll tower
empowering yourself
as you indulge 
in my resentment,
but I'll grow
as a person. 
I'll learn to grow. 
One day I'll know
how to deal with low
Push boundaries 
hold doors open
instead of letting them close. 
Staring at the clouds, 
but making them into shapes, 
instead of waiting for them to. 
I will alter this world
with nothing but
my mind
my words
my ideas. 
My voice. 
I stand before you,
not a girl,
not a teen, 
not even a person. 
I am a voice. 
And I will be heard. 

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