Problem // luke hemmings

Gemma Irwin, Ashton Irwin's younger sister yet nobody knows she exists. What happens when 18 year old Gemma meets the boys of 5 Seconds Of Summer and tours with them? She soon realizes they're all extremely loving, but Gemma has a dirty secret. She should have told them her secret when they first meet.

"I have a problem, and it's you"

cover credits to @arctxcmonkxysxox


2. chapter two: friends now.


"Hey Gemma, Gemma, Gemma, Gemma." Luke repeated poking my side as we waited for the plane to let us board.

"What, Luke?" I laughed, and since I was facing him with my legs up on the chair, I lightly kicked him.

"Where's your ticket?" He asked me.

"Yeah, sure." I said sitting up and pulling my boarding pass from my pocket and I gave it to him.

"You have a window seat!" Luke laughed, which ony caused me to roll my eyes but laugh anyways.

"You're so lame." I laughed, poking his side.

"You're lucky, I wanted a window seat." He pouted.

"Good god, Luke, do you seriously want a window seat? I hate hights, you can have it if you'd like." I offered.

"Really?" I nodded. "Thank-you, Gemma!" He grinned at me.

"God, Luke, you're so lame." I laughed and poked his side again, causing him to squirm in his seat.

"We still have an hour until our flight even arrives." Michael said as him and Calum sat near us. They'd just gone to get food for themselves at a shop near where we were. I'm guessing Ashton had gone too, because he walked over to me and handed me a bag of crisps.

"I'm so excited to go back to London." Luke told me as I opened the packet of crisps and he stole one. I didn't really mind though.

"I've never been, although one of my friends lives in Stafford, which isn't that far from London." I said.

"Oh, that's cool, you should try to meet up with her." Luke said as he ate the crisp, then stole another, which I still didn't mind.

"I'll see if she wants to." I smiled, scrunching my nose up as I looked at Luke because there was a window with a direct beam of light shining through, and it was bothering my vision. I then remembered I should probably take out my contacts and just wear my glasses now. I quickly sat up and reached into my bag pulling out my contacts holder and my glasses case. I then removed the contacts and slid on my glasses, blinking a few times to get used to the light.

"You wear glasses?" Luke asked me.

"Yeah, although I don't wear them much because I've gotten contacts and I just like the contacts better." i replied.

"I like them, you look like Ashton actually." He laughed as I adjusted the what some people would think to be 'cool' or 'hipster' glasses. I had thick black framed glasses because my vision actually really sucks.

'Um, thank-you?" I said more as a question than a statement.


{{this published before I meant to ok whatever- sage}}

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