Problem // luke hemmings

Gemma Irwin, Ashton Irwin's younger sister yet nobody knows she exists. What happens when 18 year old Gemma meets the boys of 5 Seconds Of Summer and tours with them? She soon realizes they're all extremely loving, but Gemma has a dirty secret. She should have told them her secret when they first meet.

"I have a problem, and it's you"

cover credits to @arctxcmonkxysxox


3. chapter three: atl & more drink spilling


"Gemma." Luke whispered as he woke me up by poking my side for the 298758927th time today.


"What? Luke, it's," I turned on my phone to check the time. "3 in the morning, go to sleep."


"I spilt my drink on you, I wanted to let you know that." I looked at my legs now covered in coffee.


"Fuck, Luke." I sighed and quickly took the blanket I had on off my legs and just threw it to the floor. I'll just deal with that later. "Dammit, Luke, that was the only blaket I had, sure it was the airplane's blanket, but I want a blaket still."


"Share with me?" He awkwardly asked and I shrugged and he lifted the blanket so I could get in. I then shut my eyes and when I realised I probably wouldn't sleep I started to hear soft humming.


"Luke? What are you humming?" I asked.


"Remembering sunday, by all time low." He mumbled. "I'm sorry, I've just got it in my he-"


"I literally love all time low, it's fine, I've always got it stuck in my head actually." I laughed and looked at him. He shyly peaked through his head which was laying flat due to his wild sleeping movements.


"You like them?" He smiled.


"No," He was shocked at my answer, but I continued. "I love them."



"London!" Ashton cheered as we got off our plane. He was basically a toddler at times.

"Does he always act like this? Even around you lads?" I whispered to Luke.

"Yeah, all the time, it's actually quite funny at times." He said bending down a bit, because of height difference.

"He did it a lot when I was younger, but then again he was still really young." I told Luke.

"Yeah." He laughed.

"Okay, we have to find our hotel now." Ashton said once he got his excitement out.

 "Where is it?" Calum asked as I looked at Michael to find him on his phone.

"It's only a few blocks from the airport, we need to grab our bags, so let's do that now." Ashton said, I'm guessing he'd searched these kinds of things before we even left Australia. We then reached the baggage claim area and waiting for our bags. The lads immediately found their bags but I cousins find mine.

"Gemma, they said this is the last of the bags on our plane, search for yours again." Ashton said. I was panicking. I had a legit fear of loosing my bag on a plane ride. I kept on looking.

"I can't find it." I said feeling my hands shake. I had all my clothes in that bag, I couldn't loose it. What would I wear if I couldn't find my bag?

"Gem, that's it." Ashton said as all the bags were collected.

"No! I need my bag!" I said, feeling tears in my eyes but continuing to look even though I knew it wouldn't be here. "Fuck." I mumbled, running a hand through my hair.

"Ashton, go tell someone." Luke said as I sat on a bench near the baggage claim. Luke at next to me and wrapped his arms around me.

"What am I going to wear?" I asked, crying. Good job, Gemma what a fantastic fort impression you're making of yourself. I mean, I'm not sure why I'm making such a big deal, it's just clothes.

"You can borrow some of mine until you get more." Luke whispered to me. I nodded, letting out a shaky breath. Luckily I had a few important things in my carry on bag.

"Thank-you, Luke." I said and rested my head on his shoulder as we waited for Ashton to come back.

"They'll try to locate your bag, when they do they'll send it to our hotel." Ashton said and I nodded, then got up to follow the lads to a taxi.

Luke stayed by my side the entire time and I was glad because I was really begging to like him. In a friendly way. I didn't like him like in a relationship way, well, not that I knew of.



I suck at updating it's been so long since I've updated. Thanks for reading. love you guys loads.



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