An Ocean Away From Your Heart



1. Airplanes and Fast lanes

"Kelsey sweetheart, wake up. Were leaving in one hour."

As Kelsey MacDougall awoke to her mothers voice, she groaned. It was 4:00 am and Kelsey was in no way ready to leave the warmth of her comfy bed. She wanted to savor the last moments they had together, seeing as they weren't taking any furniture with them to London. Kelsey groaned again. London. As much as she would miss her bed, she would miss L.A a hell of a lot more. Her mother had decided to move back to London a year after Kelsey's father had passed away from cancer. Although she was excited to see her Grandparents again, Kelsey didn't want to leave her friends, or her school, or her swim coach, or even the little coffee shop around the block that her and Aleisha usually go too. She stopped reminiscing in everything she would miss before she started crying. Get a hold of yourself, girl she thought to herself. Your going to make the best of this situation whether you like it or not.

Kelsey got out of her warm, white duvet and walked towards her bathroom, starting her morning tutorial. She walked up to the shower, turned the taps and quickly undressed. She hopped into her shower and started washing her hair. Twenty minutes later Kelsey got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around her and headed for the mirror. As she looked at her reflection, she thought about what she liked about herself more, her hair or her eyes. Kelsey's hair was the color of sun streaked old gold. Her hair color was natural, and she wasn't planning on dying it anytime soon. It was exactly the shade her fathers had been before he died, and it was one of the few things she had left that reminded her of him. Kelsey's eyes on the other hand, were a deep piercing blue which caught every ones eyes first glance. She inherited those from her mother. Kelsey was a very pretty girl, with a nice hourglass frame. She had curves in just the right places, and a flat washboard stomach from swimming. She had a lot of attention from boys, and most girls disliked her because of that fact.

Kelsey walked away from the mirror, and went to change. She figured she wouldn't see anyone important on the plane, so she threw on a pair of baggy sweats and a pink 'I LOVE PINK' sweater. After her hair had dried she quickly brushed it, braided her bangs, and pinned them to the left side of her head. She then quickly applied mascara, foundation, and a lip gloss gloss. She looked absolutely stunning for a girl who woke up half an hour ago. Suddenly her phone buzzed and she ran to see who it was. As she unlocked her iPhone, she read:

One New Message : Aleisha Rose Hey girlie ! All packed up ? I can't believe we'll be away from each other for a week! ;o

Kelsey was glad that she wouldn't have to say goodbye to Aleisha, her best friend. Their mothers had agreed to let Aleisha stay with them in London for the majority of the summer, right after Aleisha came home from her family vacation in the Caribbean which both girls were ecstatic about! Kelsey quickly replied :

To : Aleisha Rose I think so ! and i know boo, im going to miss you! at least we have the summer together

"Kelsey, could you come here? I have a surprise for you!" She heard her mum call.

She sighed a heavy sigh, remembering that the last time she heard those words, her mother had told her they were moving to London.

"Yeah mom?" Kelsey said walking into her bright yellow kitchen, seeing her young mother sitting at the table making sure she had everything she needed to get onto the plane inside her purse.

"I was going to wait and give you this, but it think this is the perfect time." Her mother walked over to her, smiling and dropped a small jewelry box in her hand. As Kelsey opened the box, she saw her dads ring around a chain. The ring was a gold band, with the words forever young engraved into it. That was her dads famous saying. The chain itself was a thin gold braid. It was gorgeous. Kelsey was lost for words, but even if she had them she wouldn't be able to speak. The look on her face must have said it all, because her mother had quickly pulled her into a tight embrace, and without even knowing it, Kelsey started to cry. Not even a soft cry, she was sobbing as she tried to remember the last place she had seen this ring. It must have been the last time she visited her dad in the hospital before he died. She smiled to herself remembering how happy he was to see her.

"MOM ! THE PLANE LEAVES IN AN HOUR, WE HAVE TO GO NOW!" Mark screamed, running into the room and attempting to pull his mother and sister out of their embrace.

"Oh my god, look at the time! Let's go, let's go !" Her mom replied, while hastily grabbing the last of the suitcases and throwing them into the taxi that had arrived moments earlier to being them to LAX.

As Kelsey walked out the door of her house for the last time, she felt a slight chill in the January air. After all, it was only 6:30 A.M in L.A. She then quickly grabbed her bags, hopped into the taxi, and drove to the airport with the rest of her family.

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