You'll Think of Me (One Direction fanfic)

What happens when a Ashton's sister falls head over heels in love with a member of one direction? Is it just another heart break or is it destiny?

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2. Chapter 2

Lilly's POV


The day is finally here and we could not be more excited.  We have 5 more minutes till we release the song and music video on the 5sos official Youtube channel! I honestly this is their best song ever and could be the reason for their big break....correction, our big break.  Yesterday they told me that if they become big they are dragging me along as their official song writer. Of course I couldn't say no, partially its my passion and another is that I'll get to travel the world with my best mates and brother! I was torn from my thoughts when the loud, obnoxious countdown began.


"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and PUBLISH", we all screamed at the top of our lungs.

The video was officially out there and let me tell you, the amount of views kept raising higher and higher.  The amount of notifications we were getting on youtube and twitter were overwhelming.  Everyone, and I mean everyone loved the song!  I read through the several hundred mentions when I saw two mentions that really stood out.

"Louis Tomlinson:  everyone go check out these extremely talented lads @5SOS, big fan", I read this tweet aloud and everyone went insane, literally.  I took a deep breath before shouting "guys there's another tweet and its from Niall!", that made them calm down real quick in which I continued to read "Niall Horan:  go check out 'Out of my Limit' by @5SOS its so siiickk!!!xx".

As soon as those words fumbled out of my mouth I nearly fainted,  we had two of the most famous people right now giving us a flipping shoutout.  I quickly opened a new tab on my computer and looked at the views the new video had "holy shit! Guys, we already have 15,000 views!", to some that's not much but we literally went from an average of 500 views on each video to 15,000!  I honestly can remember how to breathe right now like just wow.


Nialls POV


Just scrolling through my twitter feed and i see a couple hundred people tweeting about a new song by a band called 5 Seconds of Summer, me being the curious person i am decided to check them out and must i say tthey are absolutley amazing! I call Louis over to take a look and he told me that he has been a fan  for a while noe and that they have an amazing song writter which happens to be Ashton, the drummers, sister.  I decide to help them out a little bit by making them become a bit more "discovered" and tweet about their new single.

I tweeted "go check out 'Out of my Limit' by @5SOS its so siiickk!!!xx", I also noticed that Louis also tweeted about them, we both turn to each other with the same mischievous smirk on our faces.  I think we both share the same idea of a plan going on in our heads, the only question is how are we gonna make this happen?


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