You'll Think of Me (One Direction fanfic)

What happens when a Ashton's sister falls head over heels in love with a member of one direction? Is it just another heart break or is it destiny?

*I also have this story on wattpad, the username is different on there*


1. Chapter 1

I woke up to birds chirping, the sun was a vibrant yellow. Thinking of the beautiful day ahead of me I realized I don't have school, this meaning I can work on some new songs all day. Hopefully I can go sit on the beach to get some thoughts flowing. I was torn away from my thoughts when my brother walked in and jumped on me.     "What do you want Ashton?", I groaned.       "What? Can't a brother randomly jump on his sister?" He asked sarcastically but figured I didn't believe his excuse for his weird antics.       "Lilly, will you please write us another song, maybe this one will get us discovered?", he gave me the puppy dog face and actually asked in a sweet way for once.     "I was going to go to the beach and write anyways today but since you asked nicely I will actually try my best to write a song to help you get 'discovered'" I rolled my eyes playfully before continuing. "Now can you please get out I really need to change."     With that said Ashton left and I proceeded to get dressed in my lazy clothes, gather up my notebook and walk across the street to the ocean.         ************************************           After countless hours of sitting in the sand and drinking several glasses of lemonade I came to the conclusion I needed to just start thinking the most random things.  I stared at the bottle of lemonade and then an idea came to me! Lemon kinda sounds like limit and I'm out of lemonade.        "Hmmm Limit out of?... No." I mumbled to myself. It then hit me, the perfect name of the song is Out of my Limit!         Soon after finding the song title the lyrics just flew right out of me.  I then realized this is the song that is going to make my big brother famous!             ************************************             ~1 week later~         Today the my brother and his band -5 Seconds of Summer- started recording Out of my Limit. When I introduced the song to them they started flailing around because they loved it so much. After several hours of recording the instruments and vocals it was finally finished and let me tell you... It sounds amazing!  I suggested we should all tweet about it saying its going to be released tomorrow.       @Lillyxoxo: my brothers band, 5sos, is releasing a new song tomorrow on YouTube. You should go check it out!     Everyone also tweeted about.  The little fans they do have are really excited about tomorrow, so are we.     We never suspected two individuals who were going to watch were going to change our lives forever.         ************************************   (A/N:  welcome! Hope you enjoyed the first chapter. I apologize for it being so short but as the story continues the chapters are going to get longer! Let me know what you think! )     SHARE   COMMENT   VOTE!
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