Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


29. What Have I Done

What Have I Done

 It's been three weeks since I've told my mom, dad, and the boys everything, and nothing has been the same. I knew this was going to happen. Marcel is being too over protective and is treating me differently. Then the boys aren't the same, but Niall is at least trying to make everything happier witch makes me happy. My parents do ask about Dave every so often.

 Speaking of Dave, for some reason he hasn't called since that day three weeks ago. I think that's what is making everyone on edge. I'm just trying to go on with each day.

 Marcel, Harry, and I were walking over to my house. I really wasn't in the mood for doing homework so once we got into my house I laid on the couch.

 "Tired?" Marcel asked.

 "Very," I said.

 He laughed and picked me up. I squealed making him laugh even more. He carried up to my bedroom then laid on my bed. I toke my shoes off and slipped my tie above my head. I curled up under my sheets holding onto one of Marcel's wrists. 

 "Don't go," I whispered.

 "I'll never let you go," he whispered back laying next to me.

 Marcel started singing to me as I was already half asleep. I soon dozed off to the sound of him singing.

~~~~2 hours latter~~~~

 I could tell that someone was softly shaking me. I groaned and stuffed my face into my pillow. "Come on," they whispered. "I need you to wake up so I can see your beautiful face."

 I pushed my hand in their face not wanting to get up. I then started to hiss like an angry cat. 

 They put their lips on my ear and blew into my ear. I curled into a ball at the weird feeling and found Marcel still right next to me and an arm around my waist. "Now theirs that beautiful face I want to see," he said placing an hand on my cheek. 

 "Gr," I said.

 He laughed at me and pulled me into his lap. "I love you," he whispered into my ear.

 "I love you too," I said trying to turn my head around so I could look into his deep green eyes.

 "JUST 7 MORE MINUTES!" We heard what sounded like my dad yell from downstairs.

 "How long have I been sleeping?" I ask.

 "Around 2 hours," he said.

 "Well I still want another nap," I sighed. "What is he talking about?" 

 "Work family meeting once again. Their's this new guy, I don't know his name yet."

 "I don't feel like changing, let alone getting out of bed," I complained.

 "I'd help you but I don't think that your dad would like that," he said laughing.

 "Can you just get me my clothes?" I asked.

 "Sure, what would you like?" He asked getting off of my bed and going over to my wardrobe. 

 "A shirt and jeans," I said shrugging.

 "Anything you'd prefer?" He asked.

 "No," I said laying bad down and stared out of my window.

 I heard him open the wardrobe and toke a minute to find something. He laid down next to me and put my black jeans  and what looked like my blue tie-dye dragonfly shirt in front of me. "I think you'd look cute in that," he said.

 I laughed, he knew that was one of my most favorite shirts I have. "I still don't feel like moving," I complained again.

 "4 MORE MINUTES!" My dad yelled.

 "Come on," Marcel pulling me back up and sat in front of me. "How are we gonna do this?"

 "I'm not sure," I said laughing.

 He started unbuttoning my shirt, I just remembered that I was still in my school uniform. I shrugged the shirt off of my shoulders and slipped the shirt Marcel picked out over my head. I toke my shirk off and slipped my jeans onto my legs.

 Once we were all in this big room for my dads work family meeting, the boss and another guy was standing up on a stage.

 "Welcome families!" The boss said. "We are proud to welcome the newest member to our family. He's far from home but we'll all show him how everything works. Welcome to the family, Darrell," he said then we all clapped our hands.

 I've always found it funny how he always refereed to us as a family, and that's why we have to many of these work family meetings. No that I don't like them or anything.

 "Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm Darrell and I'm from Corinth, Kentucky," he went on but I was frozen. Corinth was where I had lived with the Millers'. I remember everybody that had lived in Corinth, and their was nobody named Darrell. Then that's when his name started to ring a bell in my head.

 But I shook it out of thought, it couldn't have been him. 

 Everyone started clapping again so I clapped with them.

 At the end of the night my dad let Marcel stay because I never really got to study and they have no clue what half of this stuff is. I stuffed my hands into the pockets of my jacket and felt a piece of paper. I pulled it out and unfolded it. I could tell it must have been a guy because of the messy handwriting. It read 'I found you' right in the middle of the paper.

 I started looking around put only Marcel was around. I shoved it back into my pocket and pretended like I knew nothing.

 Once again.



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