Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


28. The Truth About the Past

The Truth About the Past

 "What do you mean?" Marcel asked. He looked up at me like he was about to start crying. "He raped?"

 I slowly nodded. "I didn't know what it truly was then. I always thought it was just a part of the abuse he put me through," I explained.

 "Sweetie, why didn't you tell us he was out of jail?" My mom asked.

 "I've only figured it out that his sentence is up and he could be out," I said. I looked at Marcel, I wanted him to hold me close to him again. These past few days have been hard.

 "What was he sentenced for?" Liam asked.

 "Let me just start from the begging," everybody nodded "I was adopted by the Miller family witch was Jennifer, Dave, and Sam. Sam was the little boy they had. He had became my little brother at once. I would always take care of him. After a few weeks Dave started abusing Sam. I started to protect Sam leading me to get hit. As time went on Dave would come home more and more drunk every night. Sam and I would sometimes have to go to the hospital if we were bleeding or unconscious." I then decided to just rip my shirt over my head. At first the boys thought to look away but were in to much shock to look away. My mom started started crying so my dad held onto her. "Two years later when I woke up in the morning Sam was missing. He was found later that night, dead." I went to my notebook and showed them an old picture where Sam and I were on swings in the park. The only place that was our safe haven. Everyone looked over at Niall, Niall looked up at me. I let them go through it as I sit on Marcel's lap. He wanted to look through the pictures with me later. I could tell when they got to the ones of Sam. I slide deeper into Marcel's lap and he held me tighter. Even though it was only two days since we've been like this, it feels like its been forever.

 "How did you get these pictures?" Zayn asked.

 "Once Sam was found like that and having us both going to the hospital so often it made the police look more into it all. So they toke me out of school one day and tried to question me about what Dave has done and make me understand what was he was doing to me meant. Once I had explained everything I could understand was happening the detective everyone went out to arrest Dave. I was pretty much their alone and I found a copy of the pictures of Sam they had taken and just kept them. I was never asked about them," I explained. 

 Zayn and Niall nodded.

 "They never were able to prove that Dave killed Sam. Only that he had abused me witch was a 10 year sentence," I said "that is now over."

 We all stayed silent for a few minutes, nobody knowing what to say or ask.

 That's when a phone started to ring. Everybody froze not knowing who's phone it was coming from. After it rung 5 times Zayn pulled out his phone. "Hello," he said. A sigh of relief escaped from his mouth. He covered the speaker and said "It's just Perrie and the other girls."

 "The other girls?" I asked.

 "Yeah, the girls from Little Mix," Marcel whispered in my ear. I was still confused on who the other girls were.

 Zayn kept on with the conversation he was having on the phone. "Ok," he finished and hung up his phone. "The girls are coming for a little while," he told us.

 My dad laughed. "Great, now four more kids running around," he said.

 We all rolled our eyes.

 "Sweetie," my mom started out, thinking through her words. "What are we gonna do about Dave calling?" She asked. 

 I squirmed a little and said "I'm not sure. He keeps calling from a different number or it's blocked. I'm not sure what to do."

 "There will be no answering the home phone at all and only answer your cell phone if it's one of us, the girls, or Ed," my dad said.

 "Ed's coming?" Harry cheered.

 "Yes Harry. Now stay calm," my dad said.

 Harry started jumping around on the couch.

 "Work is gonna be long," my dad sighed getting up. He walked over to where my shirt still laid and bent down. He picked up my shirt and handed it to me. "I'd really apersate it if you would put this back on because I'd  rather not have 9 horny boys staring at you shirtless while another is also holding you." Marcel toke his arms away from me competely.

 Grabbing my shirt, I pulled it over my head and down the rest of my body.

 "Thank you sweetie," my dad said kissing my head then went into the kitchen.

 As the night went on I went upstairs to my bedroom as everyone was doing their own little thing. I laid on my bed with my eyes closed not sure what my life was. 

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